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Deagh agus droch naidheachd dhan a' Ghàidhlig sa chunntas-sloigh.

Barrachd neach-labhairt ach coimhearsnachdan cugallach.

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21 May 1650: James Graham, Marquess Montrose hanged at Mercat Cross #Edinburgh #otd dressed in a scarlet cloak

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Caismeachd airson saorsa na h-Alba. Dùn Èideann, 2022.

March for Scottish independence.

#Edinburgh #Scotland #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #Gàidhlig #Gaelic #ScottishIndependence #YesScotland #ScottishGreens #SNP #SSP

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Taken this day, 2020, bright eyed and bushy tailed

Squirrel in George Square, brightening a solitary Lockdown-era walk.

#nature #wildlife #photography #photographie #Edinburgh #Edimbourg #squirrel

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19 May 1590: Anne of Denmark's official entry to #Edinburgh - she is given gifts of keys & jewels #otd #Scotland


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The first gosling I’ve seen this year! Fairly newly hatched by the look of it.
They’re not in this photo, but it was being fiercely protected by both parents.
#birds #nature #Edinburgh #Scotland

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Overheard quite an elderly couple debating in a beautiful spot in the near . He was all in on the successor species nonsense and she could see right through it. They walked off still talking about it.

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18 May 1650: James Graham, Marquess Montrose led through the streets of in a cart driven by the hangman. Hanged at Mercat Cross on 21 May dressed in a scarlet cloak: 'Moir besieging a brydegrome nor a criminal going to the gallows' (NGS)

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The sun going to bed this evening, glimpsed through the trees of the old Dalry boneyard, and the skies turning to burnished copper.


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It's funny when you look back through your images folders and find a strange image totally out of context.
No idea when I took it, where I took it, or what on earth is going on 😲😄

#nature #Wildlife #art #Photography #Forest #Wood #Wild #snow #frost #river #loch #scotland #edinburgh #glen #mountain #bird

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The RSA annual exhibition 2024

Worth a visit if you are in Edinburgh an online otherwise.

#art #RSA #edinburgh #Scotland

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Edinburgh looking to close another cultural venue. Posh flats on the way?

#SaveSummerhall #Edinburgh #culture #art #CraftBeer #gentrification #Scotland

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LordWoolamaloo, to edinburgh avatar

Taken this day, 2020, chum's elderly rescue greyhound relaxing in the sun during a socially distanced Lockdown walk

#Edinburgh #Edimbourg #dogs #chiens #photography #photographie #greyhound

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Edinburgh in sunset/sunrise mode.
A beautiful city, with fabulous architecture and endless history, there are endless photo opportunities here, especially in that golden hour.

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Club in crisis Hibs, appoint a racist, homophobic and anti-semitic Director of Football.

Not cool.

#Hibs #racism #MalkyMackay #Cardiff #homophobia #antisemitism #ShowRacismTheRedCard #SPFL #football #Scotland #Edinburgh

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Summerhall, an arts complex in Edinburgh housed in a former veterinary college, is being sold.

This is a petition to hope it remains a centre for visual arts, music, dance, theatre and film. It also houses a brewery and a gin distillery, with an excellent pub, so it's got something for everyone!

It's a brilliant space throughout the year - not just during the Fringe!

ali_king, to edinburgh avatar

Oh shit - Summerhall's being put up for sale, likely to become student flats, boutique hotel, the usual pish...
#arts #edFringe #Edinburgh

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Only a short walk from the much better-known Rosslyn Chapel south of Edinburgh is the ruin of the fairy-tale Rosslyn Castle, occupying the summit of an easily defensible rocky promontory. A stone castle was first built here in 1304. More pics and info:

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Original day off plan for afternoon film postponed, as I realised there was a screening perfectly timed for after work tomorrow, so instead stroll to local, a pint of Jarl, and get on with reading in preparation for Cymera Festival chairing duties.

I've not chaired a gig since before my surgery a few months back, now I have three author events within a month of one another to prep for. Lot of work, but also a lot of fun!

LordWoolamaloo, avatar

Continuing to read while also reacquainting myself with an old friend, a pint of Deuchars.
Along with Caley 80, my go-to ale for many years.

Really not what it once was, supplanted by newer, better IPAs, but still decent enough pint. On draught in the local (for a mere£3.90!), so indulging in nostalgia. Or should that be "nostalegia"?😋

#Edinburgh #Edimbourg #ale #realale #DiggersPub #photography #photographie #beer #biere

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Best of luck to my lovely colleague and chum, Olivia, who is off to London for the , as she's shortlisted in the Best Bookseller category, for services in bookselling, managing our bookshop events, co-founding the Womens Fiction Festival, and drinking huge amounts of tea.

EdinburghMinute, to edinburgh avatar

🌤️ Good morning Edinburgh. Monday’s headlines: Arthur’s Seat helicopter rescue, cookery school shuts, college cuts 'crisis' meeting, Caley brewery plans, Pizza Pilgrims opening + a lifeline for the Ross Bandstand

⮑ Today’s local news without the noise:

Photo by @TomDuffinPhotos

#Edinburgh #Scotland #northernlights

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