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athos77, in Indictment talking points from the GOP

I remember back ... I dunno, maybe it was the first or second impeachment? And all the Republican Senators and Representatives were saying, "Oh, I haven't read it" blah blah blah. And someone pointed out, "I don't think they're lying, I really doubt they have read it. But you're an absolute idiot if you think they didn't assign someone on their team to read it and give them the highlights."

So yeah, "I haven't read it" is just code for "This is an uncomfortable subject that will cost my political capital to talk about."

ksynwa, in Willingham Sends Fables Into the Public Domain avatar

If anyone wants to read these comic (USE UBLOCK ORIGIN):…/fables-1-150-tpb-vol-1-22-2002-20…

dmention7, in Everyone has to deal with their own form of bullshit

“Sawhorse For My Dungeon” sounds like it would be a fantastic emo band.


It really does.

Could make some awesome album art too.

CorrodedCranium, in Desire is the cause of all suffering avatar

infinitely improved


Joe Biden’s America smh my head


Shaking my head my head?


It’s a joke. Like ATM machine


I’m surprised they’ve never seen SMH my head before…


Either I didn’t, or I never noticed.

Xatolos, avatar

ATM? Like a cash machine or…?


ATM = automated teller machine

ATM machine = automated teller machine machine


Daaaaamn you really shouldn’t have to tag a joke. I’m sorry, comrade.


People are wound too tight these days

_Sprite, (edited ) avatar

this is th efutur the libturds want


fuckin based

AVincentInSpace, (edited )
GraniteM, in Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

There are people who, disturbed by “big government” today and its tendency to curb the advantages they might gain if their competitiveness were allowed free flow, demand “less govern- ment.” Alas, there is no such thing as less government, merely changes in government. If the libertarians had their way, the distant bureaucracy would vanish and the local bully would be in charge. Personally, I prefer the distant bureaucracy, which may not find me, over the local bully, who certainly will. And all historical precedent shows a change to localism to be for the worse.

—Isaac Asimov, Nice Guys Finish First, collected in The Sun Shines Bright, 1981


And all historical precedent shows a change to localism to be for the worse.

What is this referring to?


Probably stuff like feudalism and lords and barons.

Asimov was very well read so I imagine he had some real examples in mind.


Think of crooked local sheriffs and police departments vs. state police, which are generally held to a higher training standard and are therefore less onerous.

davel, avatar

I’m convinced that Asimov’s psychohistory was inspired by historical materialism/scientific socialism. In mid-20th century America you couldn’t get your science fiction published if it had even a whiff of communism about it.

gimpchrist, in Desire is the cause of all suffering avatar

Oh cool so if I just stopped Desiring to want to be part of a family group and stop Desiring connection to a community and stop Desiring friends I’ll be happy haha it’s that easy!!!


It’s literally a lifelong journey to find happiness despite the things you can’t control not being exactly how you want them. No one said easy, just possible.

Makhno, in Desire is the cause of all suffering

“Wow, thanks. I’m cured.”

DessertStorms avatar


TheImpressiveX, in "Rat Problem" by Other End Comic avatar

So many layers.


This context was great, but I feel I need more context.

orangeNgreen, in Clark is a man of focus. avatar

His eyes just move so fast she didn’t see him sneak about 50 looks.

MamboGator, avatar

Rubbernecking champ.


I thought you were going to link this.

MamboGator, avatar

That is way better than mine.

Drusas, in Boomer talk gone wrong

The idea that children should be grateful for having been born is backwards. It is the parents who wanted to have children.


It’s so weird teaching this to my son, like I’m out here actively working against the guilt of society for later in life.

“You didn’t choose this bud, you don’t owe me shit, when I need taking care of let’s both hope I planned for it because you weren’t born to raise your dad”


Lol my parents did this to me. “No free rides in this house! If you’re going to live here, you’re gonna have to work!”. You guys are the ones who created me!


Yeah i straight up said it to my mother’s face when she pulled that on me one (several) time(s) too many. She got real mad about it but she chilled out a little. Toxic nonsense.

jordanlund, in If you're offended by Heathcliff without Heathcliff, you ain't seen nothing yet avatar

The “PROBE” billboard had me rolling.

Far better than Heathcliff Minus Heathcliff which was just the Garfield gag knock off.

ripcord, in If you're offended by Heathcliff without Heathcliff, you ain't seen nothing yet
ripcord avatar

I don't understand why I find this so funny, but I do.

Edit: Unlike actual Heathcliff

Edit2: Who is offended by Heathcliff without Heathcliff??


Not offended, blocked the account didn’t find it funny and sometimes it was the only thing from comics on my feed.

Dagwood222, in "Life and Lemons" by J. L. Westover

Incredibly relevant

Rhynoplaz, in I got banned over on r/comics for suggesting that the CIA came up with this crap. The mods said "we do not unban fascists"

What in the hell are you talking about?

I know plenty of people who would proudly say exactly what the comic claims. Do you really think people aren’t actually avoiding and boycotting things that are “woke”? (aka Anything that looks or acts different than the person saying “woke”.)

Solumbran, in I got banned over on r/comics for suggesting that the CIA came up with this crap. The mods said "we do not unban fascists"

Get out fascist.

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