Why one AHS nurse’s 2022 salary was higher than the CEO’s (www.cbc.ca)

What do people think of this? An AHS nurse was making over $500k - people I know in the industry were saying to do this, he'd have to work 16 hours a day with overtime, every single day (no vacation, no weekend) for an entire year, and some said it sounded impossible. How is this even above-the-board lol?

Russian pavilion shut out of Edmonton Heritage Festival due to safety concerns, threats | CBC News (www.cbc.ca)

The Edmonton Heritage Festival Association will not allow the Russian pavilion to be part of this year's festival, citing safety concerns and an inability to find a solution. Multiple Ukrainian organizations asked the association to exclude the pavilion from participating because of the war.

Faulty cables cause latest delay for Valley Line Southeast LRT project | CBC News (www.cbc.ca)

TransEd crews doing testing on the Valley Line Southeast LRT found that oxidation had caused damage on signalling cables. The company says the cables need to be replaced before the line opens. After years of delay, the rail link between Mill Woods and downtown still doesn't have an opening date.

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