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“Fortunately for Glukhovsky, he is not actually in Russia, and was sentenced in absentia. His current whereabouts are unknown.”

Literally the last sentence lol thankfully, he’s not in Russia.


What a relief. He must’ve dipped as soon as he saw where things were headed in Russia. I wonder where he got asylum? But at the same time I hope I never find out, for his sake.

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Yes that is good to hear! Hopefully they never find him

iltoroargento, avatar

Agreed. He shouldn’t have to hide, either, but that’s not where we are, apparently.


He only needs to never come back, and for him it’s easy. It’s not yet that stage when they smuggle people back, rn they just clean up cultural landscape from ‘traitors’ to make it 100% sterile. Music scene is already like that.


let’s just hope the russian govt is too busy to look for him in abandoned metro tunnels…


What a relief


Right!? I dosed off twords the end and almost didn’t finish, then just glanced at the end, wtf! the last sentence!?


Who is next, Neil Gaiman or Stephen King? May they charge Joe Biden in absence too? What a joke.


damn when metro 2023 coming out when the auther of the games gets imprisoned by Russians


it’s not a sign of a healthy society

TheCheddarCheese, avatar

bro got personally offended

theodewere avatar

8 years for scaring Vladimir with your words, you naughty boy

Punctum, (edited )

Damn :(


Dont worry, the Russian government doesnt know where he is.

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