CD Projekt apologise for Cyberpunk 2077 Ukrainian script's potentially "offensive" references to Russians

CD Projekt have formally commented on the presence of references to the Russia-Ukraine war in Cyberpunk 2077's recently added Ukrainian localisation, apologising for dialogue lines "that can be considered offensive by Russian gamers", while reiterating their support for Ukraine.

In case you missed it, the Ukrainian script and menu localisation currently includes a number of antagonistic references to Russians and to the on-going Russian invasion of Ukraine. One dialogue line refers to a particular bandit group as "rusnia", and there's photo mode menu text for a squatting character that translates as "like a Russian". There's also lore text that apparently riffs on Ukrainian government rhetoric during the war, and a piece of in-game wallart that alludes to the dispute between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea.

Donebrach, avatar

Ow nooo don’t hurt da poor widdle Russians’ feeewings so mean!

mintycactus, avatar


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  • rororo,

    Hot take, but also stupid


    Anyone who gets offended by being told Russia is in the wrong with regards to the current conflict in Ukraine is either ignorant or an asshole.

    gerryflap, avatar

    I don’t think it has a place in a work of fiction like Cyberpunk 2077. Maybe a small reference somewhere. The Russian government is a bunch of cunts, but not every piece of media needs to reference that constantly. I could also imagine that it would be could annoying if you’re playing Cyberpunk to distract yourself from the war as an Ukrainian and then you’re still constantly reminded of it


    Yeah I hate when my art is a reflection of life. I don’t want my gritty anti-capitilist anti-war themed game to be anti-war…


    No. I don’t think a dystopian future should ever mention anything remotely political or in the public mind. Totally irrelevant to the plot.

    gerryflap, avatar

    It can make political points, but the war in Ukraine does not exist in that timeline. So it makes no sense to directly refer to it. And forcing it into only the Ukrainian translation without the developer being aware of it is just unprofessional.


    You make a good point.


    Anything negative about the Russian government is probably accurate and deserved. Extending that to the Russian people is iffy at best.

    And remember this game is rather explicitly fifty years in the future, so anything current will be as relevant as Vietnam references are today. Not even counting the alternate history and corporatocracy of the setting.


    Localization is generally contracted out to external studios. With the dozens of languages games are released in, localization is rarely done in house, especially for languages added in a patch well after release.

    When CDPR says “These lines have not been written by CD PROJEKT RED staff and do not represent our views.” It makes sense.

    The localization team, being fluent speakers of Ukranian, can be expected to have strong opinions on the war, so they chose to add the anti Russian lines.

    It makes sense for CDPR to remove the lines. Sure their PR teams will apologize for the ‘offense,’ but the real issue is a localization team going rogue.

    Cyberpunk 2077 is set in a far future californian dystopia. In an alternate history world where the present day would be unrecognizable to us. A future where Russia and Ukraine and others have reformed into a new USSR. This war in Ukraine did not happen in cyberpunk.

    Adding references to the war in a localization is undermining the setting. Despite CDPR’s stated support for Ukraine, this is not how they want to do things. They are going to change the lines.


    makes sense they would be upset with a third party intentionally altering the game’s message, but im not sure why it’s framed as an apology to “russian gamers”


    Because its the PR team making the statement.

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