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They are totally right, it’s a shame that PC Gamer did not name a single woman.

One nitpick though: Two of the women named in the article, Rieko Kodama and Amy Hennig, did not create games for PC. Both were employed by console makers. Jen Zee being acknowledged is certainly deserved, but a there are many, many trailblazing women in PC gaming which should be highlighted: Roberta Williams (co-founder of Sierra Online), Brenda Romero (Wizardry series), Jade Raymond (Assassin’s Creed producer) or Danielle Bunten Berry (M.U.L.E.), just to name a few.

Particularly the omission of Roberta Williams who has not only co-founded one of early gaming’s most successful game dev studios and publishers, but also designed the long-running King’s Quest series which transformed and defined the adventure game genre, is inexcusable. It does not get more influential in gaming than that.


Roberta Williams deserves so much respect. She sculpted so many peoples childhoods. Phantasmagoria was so ahead of it’s time.

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I thought Amy Hennig worked on Legacy of Kain, which did come out on PC.

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Fair point. Though the article points towards Uncharted and her work on Legacy of Kain is not as well-known IMO.


It should be. She’s a fucking genius and those games are amazing, gameplay wise and narratively.

I wish someone would give her a bunch of money to do a remake of the whole series.

timtoon, (edited )

...and way back when, if you got stuck on say King's Quest, you could call Sierra Online and she would give you hints!


I am fairly confident that Roberta Williams was mentioned in Stephen Levy’s seminal work Hackers. It’s been 5+ years since I read the 25th anniversary edition so I don’t want to say it was good or bad; it was enough coverage that I remember it and think it’s really weird that PC Gamer wouldn’t include her work.


Was going to say, the PC Gamer bit is bad enough, but how do you write a rebuttal without mentioning two of the arguably most accomplished influential women in gaming, namely Roberta Williams and Jane Jensen?

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  • aes,

    Can I just enjoy a fuckin game without being browbeat on DEI garbage?

    The article is about sloppy journalism, not what you, personally, are allowed to enjoy, you illiterate fuckhead.

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  • Summzashi,

    Oh no! Anyway…


    Bad take.


    What is my take?


    Gamers are the most oppressed minority, fuck everyone else.


    Who cares? It’s sickening that now everything has to be 50/50


    If talking about representation makes you sick, then you care more about the issue than most SJWs.


    It’s literally everywhere


    Amazing, it’s almost as if diversity exists everywhere. Is there no safe place where we can safely ignore upwards of 50% of all human beings?


    It has always been like that and if you didn’t notice, that’s on you for being unobservant.

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    How do you make a gaming recap without mentioning Amy Hennig, she invented modern videogames


    I kinda find PC Gamer to be irrelevant. Same as IGN and Kotaku.

    Extremely hot take: I rather read through the uninformed shitty ai generated gamerant articles.


    Ai generates texts with accordance to material it learned from. So it will be PC gamer, IGN and Kotaku combined.


    Eh, I kinda like IGN and occasionally PC Gamer. Yeah, they have some stupid takes, but in general I find something of value in most of their articles.


    Shame they didn’t even mention Stevie Case since they even had her on the cover of one of their issues from what I recall. As a Game God but I agree Roberta Williams should be on there.


    Considering that the term “computer engineering” was created by a woman, programming is based on maths solved by a woman, and the push for graphics in adventure games was started by a woman, I don’t think PC Gamers list is worth even checking, as I know that many notable leaps in gaming I don’t know about have since been pushed by women.


    Can you name the first one?

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    Ada Lovelace most likely


    Not OP but I believe he’s talking about Margaret Hamilton. She also wrote the descent module for the Apollo lander.


    Ah, thanks!

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