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My wife is in a passive war against her rival mom.

She danced a happy dance when she went 1000+ levels ahead of her. Then she found that rival mom was playing another game and is quietly creeping on her in there.

From what I’m told… Zero dollars has been spent.

Either way I have alerts for my credit cards so I’ll know.


When it first started, it was in the $12 range.

Sure, this massive drop is still giving his worthless stock a profit.

Wake me up when it sinks back down there and drops completely.



If you’re using Google as your primary anything, sorry but youre going to get screwed over.


Wait what?

So Bethesda is releasing a update to improve the code base.

And the volunteer modders of Fallout London are blaming Bethesda because Bethesda didn’t check in with them?


Right? The ask is to initiate a conversation and to think about.

I wonder if the prior commenter, during a date, just goes, “Why are you asking? Just Google it.” Over and over.


I’m like that with my extended family.

In my 20s, every time I checked in, it was some drama. Uncle did this to aunt. Cousin went to jail. Dad lost something valuable.

Things I had zero ways of helping since I was hundreds of miles away.

At some point, I stopped and I became a lot happier.


I got extra confused by the names Rori, Dori, Reba, and George.

I want to apologize in advance for dead naming. But it helps to fully understand.

They were born Lori and Dori.

Dori went after the name Reba, after Reba McIntire, and pursued country singing.

In 2007, Dori had come out as a trans man and preferred to be publicly known as George.


Anybody old enough to remember multiplayer muds?

You can invite people over. Feed them a dinner of shrimp scampi while regaling over how you lost a arm fighting a titan, then pour a fine bottle of elven Moscato to share.

Then you spawn poison rats and lock them inside.

All of that was through text of course.

But instead of creating emergent gameplay like that, all MMOs are doing is making harder bosses and rewarding people with end game plus-one loot.


Let this be a lesson to game companies making tv shows.

If it’s GOOD, it will boost the popularity of the franchise.

Cyberpunk. Last of us. Even Arcane boosted the Riot games.


Play it backwards to make it look like it’s giving birth


Whats the GOP equivalent of Diamond Hands?


Ways to increase Truth Social value

  1. Say Hunter Biden’s information is hidden there.
  2. Sell nuclear secrets through Truth Social.
  3. Melania or Ivanka nudez.
  4. Share more Jeffrey Weinstein photos. Trump already has em.
  5. The Marjorie Taylor Greene vs Lauren boebert fight
  6. Have Putin show up to rally the GOP
  7. Matt Gaetz shares his pedo photos

'Run, run, run': Chaos at a Sydney mall as 6 people stabbed to death, and the suspect fatally shot (apnews.com)

A man stabbed six people to death at a busy Sydney shopping center Saturday before he was fatally shot, police said, with hundreds fleeing the chaotic scene, many weeping as they carried their children. Eight people, including a 9-month-old, were injured....


That’s all I think about whenever I hear about a sick fucko intent on killing.

With a gun, the numbers would be significantly higher.


Automatics are stupid hard to shoot accurately.

I can’t even…


If there was one life experience I wish I can give to people, it’s that experience of being fired because of restructuring.

Imagine doing your job well. Imagine even loving your work and your coworkers. Then suddenly, a behind-the-scenes convo led to your department being dissolved and you’re out of a job. You didn’t do anything wrong. You were just in it’s way.

Welcome to life.


Yes. It was part of my costume when I was cosplaying as a character from the film The Warriors.


People didnt really watch the movie.


Which is the real message here:

Bottle your trauma.

Eat bugs.

Fuck hot lady lions.


What is this saying?

Even if 99.9% of it went back to the union, you still made money and you’d complain about that? Like… What level of idiot math is this?

Are you the type of person who when given a free slice of cake, yell that you should be getting the whole cake?

Potatos_are_not_friends, (edited )

When web apps took off a decade ago, I was secretly rooting for this.

OSes shouldnt matter anymore. Everything should funnel through a browser. WASM is already bringing traditional desktop apps to the web. Microsoft and Apple can die in a fire.

But with the migration, now the fight is to stop Google from owning browsers.


Those gaming Chromebooks are so wild. I saw them for $1000!

The ones I saw a year ago was bragging about playing mobile games and Google Stadia.

But like… Why! Why spend that much when the alternatives are so much better?

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