I absolutely love the writing that Frost puts out in the Cold Take series. They’re always filled with turns of phrases that make me think: “that’s actually a hell of an interesting way of thinking about that.”


Fuck this game, it has damaged my psyche

The amount of times that I had like a 70% chance of drawing what I needed in the last discard alone and didn't, or the amount of times that I had a beautiful synergized build and a boss that disables it appeared by "coincidence", argh.

Yet I can't stop playing it


70% chance… and didn’t

I’m guessing about 30% of the time. That’s almost 1 in 3 times, which is a lot.

It’s like the complaints about missing a 99% chance shot in XCom, it only happens 1% of the time, but those 1% times can be very memorable.


I know that's probably true but it sure as hell doesn't feel like it aaaarrrgh


It especially sucks when you make a 60% roll and then miss a 90% roll right after.


This is definitely a game I thought I would never like. I don’t tend to play games like this because I don’t wanna be doing math when I play games. But ever since I first tried it, I’ve been really enjoying it.


You don’t really need to do much math though, what gives you more points is usually self evident in the game. In the cases you need to do math to determine which card/joker gives you more score, the score difference between the options are generally not big anough to make a difference


The whole thing of me not wanting to do the math, for me, comes from the fact that the person I watch online who introduced me to the game definitely made it seem more math intensive than it actually is. It’s why I figured I’d probably not enjoy it.


Oh I see, the person I’ve seen it from was more like the “play first, do the calculation later” type of guy. Very different experiences c:


yeah me too… whoopsie, i just realized i played it nonstop ever since i got home from work and it’s way past my bedtime.


Get out the Steam Deck and play in bed. Problem solved!

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