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Things you realise once you reach #Forever28.

  • You can finish and become rich in #SimFarm. But as a Forever28, you can't duplicate your success.
  • You can win every single game of #CaesarIII and #CaesarIV, but not as a Forever28.
  • You play #Diablo (the original) without cheating (especially the duplicate cheat). As a Forever28, you can't even imagine how you played Diablo without cheating.

Most important of all: you still don't like #eyecandy games. Games like #MUD / #MUSH (text-based online #RPG), #roguelike, dungeon crawlers, and isometric games, are still your go to #games.

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This week I have been back screwing around with and it has changed substantially since the last time I spent much time playing it. I talk about some of the various things that I have learned and some of the interesting cultural norms.

Return to Fallout 76

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A genuinely valuable collectible is to be one of the first 10 reviews of an indie game on Steam (it's a special threshold for visibility).

Permanently time stamped, verified and on display on one of the largest websites on Earth.

Better than an NFT or steam achievement!

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irfan, to iOS

, the legit retro emulator on has finally made it to the (for free, and most importantly - legitimately) 🎉

(consoles) supported by Delta: , , , /, , and (requires your own BIOS files).

Also , you could connect to a remote share right from the native Files app on your . Did just that and copied over some BIOS files and ROMs, now I'm off to the races.



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Are video games coming for the novel? - FT (Requires login - my non subscription login works okay). Also in today’s FT Edit selection if you use that app.

I was surprised by the total revenue figures for books in this. I knew gaming was huge compared to Films. But books being second and films third was a surprise.

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Psyched to try roguelite TMNT Splintered Fate that's coming to Switch in July (it was previously exclusive to Apple Arcade). 🐢 😍


#TMNT #TMNTSplinteredFate #SwitchGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #roguelite #roguelites #NinjaTurtles #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles #games #gaming

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Hikari: Octopath Traveler 2’s best boy and your bi-awakening.

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From my 2000s ar(t)chive...

Illustration for the Dutch ComputerTotaal magazine, for an article about Stichting BREIN, translating to "BRAIN Foundation", a foundation funded by publishers to battle digital piracy.

I don't remember the exact scope of the article, but I guess the foundation threatened legal action to kids who copied CD-ROM games.

#piracy #games #RetroGaming #CharacterDesign #design #artwork #illustration #illustrator #art #artist #DigitalArt #3D #CreativeToots #FediArt #MastoArt

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Nintendo game where they put all these 1-off partner characters into some kind of RPG or fighting game


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Really happy with how SMYS : Classic's release is going with already 3 positive reviews under 24 hours.

This is especially great as I didn't collect wishlists and released with like ~60.

The game is free, get it and give it a review to help me reach mighty 10 reviews 🙏

Steam :

#indiegames #gaming #gamedev #games


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Did you know❓ In 2010, #FalloutNewVegas had a 48-page graphic novel released alongside its collectors edition!

It tells the story of some of the characters and events that lead up to the game.

Check it out here:

#Fallout #Fallout76 #Fallout3 #Fallout4 #FalloutTV #GraphicNovel #Comic #VideoGames #VideoGame #Gamer #Games #Gaming #Game #Obsidian #Xbox #PlayStation #Bethesda #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #ComicBook #Zombie

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Morning Folks! This morning I talk about finishing up the #Fallout series and how it has driven me back into the hands of the franchise playing some #Fallout3 and even diving back into #Fallout76 a bit last night.

The bug seems to be contagious.

Radioactive Nostalgia

#MMO #MMORPG #VideoGames #Games #Gaming

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Feeling old...

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Half Life Opposing Force hazard course duty schedule


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519 modów... I kurde działa :o

#gry #giereczkowo #games #gaming #falloutnewvegas

Macron to propose global ceasefire, including Ukraine, during Olympics (

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a proposal to observe a ceasefire in the world’s major conflicts – including the war in Ukraine – during the Olympic Games, and he is counting on assistance from China’s leader in this regard.

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Looks like there's a new on the block: by the creators of the "Earth Rising" board game.

"Why We Fight is a solo+ narrative TTRPG where you play a crew of eco-punks fighting fascism to build a brighter, greener future."

"(...) help struggling refugees and the havens they’ve made, and build a thriving, self-sustaining solar-punk community, all while pushing back against a force that seeks to blame the powerless (...)"

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Galera, indicação de instância no Peertube para poder subir vídeos de games (no meu caso, de simuladores de corrida)?

#Peertube #Games #SimRacing

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