Tearcell, to godot
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Performance progress on the full map of this project is really coming along...

An absurd amount of physics objects DOES lead to absurd results, both in framerate and gameplay though.

A performance test with many objects ends in disaster when a rogue block knocks my tank off the map!

maxim, to gamedev
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Sci-Fi adventure game devlog📌

Today my dealing with the Unreal Engine 5 - a prototype of an ultrasonic energy weapon with control of the power of a directed energy beam. I'm not an effects master, so it doesn't matter at this stage. The stronger the impact of the projectile, the more energy it needs

#gamedev #scifi #UnrealEngine5 #gaming #videogames #indiedev #indiegame #vfx #gamedesign


SirLich, to godot
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More art style exploration. My review: I will be SCREWED on animations.

I need to simplify and find a compromise between quality and ease of animations.

silverspookgames, to gamedev
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"I may look like a cyber-vampire, but I don't LITERALLY want to live in a coffin! At least the water's only $8 a gallon." (Neofeud 2 work in progress)

Girl in tiny coffin-sized apartment on phone looking at giant ones

rusticorn, to rust
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The third and final speaker for the upcoming virtual @bevy meetup this Friday, May 24th 7pm CEST:
@i_am_feenster talks about "Recreating Townscaper using Rust & Bevy". Don't miss it: https://meetup.com/bevy-game-development/events/300919821/ 🦀🎮

somepx, to gamedev
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Yolk Heroes got 100 reviews on day one!~🐣

If you try the game, could you write a review too? That'd be awesome. Thanks!


Yolk Heroes - screenshot
Yolk Heroes - screenshot
Yolk Heroes - screenshot

orangeglowgames, to gamedev
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sinbad, to gamedev
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Marie's re-structured our main character mesh so that we can have cloth physics and dynamics on his various sections, and importantly we can now switch his hat, robes, beard etc individually and have them all simulate differently as suits their mesh. Because customisable hats and beards are very, very important in a wizard game. Early test!

The test hat we have for him is not very dignified though. It's almost like we're not taking wizards seriously 😛 #gamedev #unreal

johanpeitz, to gamedev
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I'll be holding a #pico8 #gamedev workshop at
in the UK. If you're at the event, do come by and say hi! 👋


beanjbunny, to gamedev
@beanjbunny@nerdculture.de avatar

I fixed this bug in my code yesterday but I'm sitting here crying laughing about it today. Godot The Game Engine You've Been Waiting For really said with its whole chest, THAT NULL CHECK CAN'T STOP ME BECAUSE I CAN'T READ #indiedev #gamedev #python #godot #godotengine

guntha, to gamedev French
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For this , have you yet checked out the trailer for our latest short point'n'click game, PsyCam?


indesprimes, to ethelcain French
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🎆 Devenez le nouveau responsable dans Firework Syndrome, un titre cozy dans lequel vous devrez répondre aux attentes des habitants en matière de feux d'artifice (et vous pourrez même créer les vôtres !)

📢 Annonce
🎮 Steam
🌍 Jarden Studio


britown, to gamedev
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Light sources are now independent of player vision and the torches flicker.

There's still some wackiness of being able to see walls as lit when lit from the other side, but the progress feels great here considering how little time I've had to devote since the weekend.


indesprimes, to ethelcain French
@indesprimes@ludosphere.fr avatar

📢 Synergy est désormais disponible sur Steam et GOG !
Un city-builder où il vous faudra évoluer, mais tout en respectant l'écosystème d'une planète hostile.


alice_i_cecile, to gamedev
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So, in the name of "keeping up with industry news", I decided to read a report from one of the "just have AI make your game!" companies.


Very interesting and informative, but not in the way the authors want! TL;DR: it's low-code all over again! But somehow worse?

As a disclaimer: I love statistics, machine learning, procedural generation. I do think there are helpful, ethical ways to use "AI" in game dev: this isn't one of them.

smote, to trans
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maxim, to gamedev
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Effect Texture Maker - online tool ☀️

I recently started using it, it's a very useful thing to use when studying materials and Niagara, to quickly get a sprite to experiment with Unreal Engine or Unity, the tool also allows you to create a sprite sheet or normal map


#gamedev #vfx #unity #unreal #unrealengine #indiedev


smote, to KindActions
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please help octo! she needs to pay her monthly bills including rent, debt payments, and college expenses. she's struggling with parental abuse. anything helps!


donation links:


ZILtoid1991, to opensource

Finally managed to fix the Rawinput handling in my I/O library, so soon I can trash SDL in favor of it...

ArmouredWizard, to godot
@ArmouredWizard@dice.camp avatar

In town, the camera is fixed, overhead
When you go to the Dungeon, it swaps to PlayerCam
And back to over head when you find the stairs!

Next: Inventory and Keys, i think


daviwil, to scheme
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Streaming Day 4 of my Spring Lisp Game Jam project right now!

Today I'll start implementing a minimal, Scheme-like scripting language for the monsters in the game. We'll finally start to see it become somewhat playable!

Check out the game here:


Join us on YouTube:

Restream is not cooperating today so the Twitch stream is down!

lashman, to pixelart
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dekirisu, to gamedev
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🦄 many visual tweaks
🦊 slight character base rework
🐼 'emote' animations: wave left & right
🐹 ..which also work while running

🐍 this means a slight 'art direction' change


indesprimes, to ethelcain French
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😎 Vous ne savez pas quoi regarder durant vote pause midi ? Ça tombe bien, le Récap Indé vient de sortir !

💰 Larian ouvre un nouveau studio
🤑 Manor Lords se vend (très) bien
📅 Les (encore très) nombreuses sorties de la semaine
👀 Et l'Indécouverte !


froyok, to random
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I wonder if anybody tried to use FXAA before doing display mapping BUT by still applying and reverting a curve ? 🤔

1 - Switch from HDR to SDR
2 - Apply FXAA
3 - Switch back from SDR to HDR
4 - Apply regular post-process stuff

@froyok@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

But today I played again with the idea of mesh based light shafts.
I asked a colleague for help and it got me some convincing results !
This is basic depth evaluation, no analytical formula yet.

#gamedev #opengl #shadows

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