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VR, RP and science nerd
I play in #NeonDivide, an episodic #RP #LARP in #VR

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randulo, to random
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What does anyone think of a co-op sales site, similar to Bandcamp? That's the idea behind Mirlo.space. I just put up a new album and see that you can batch upload all tracks (a paid feature on BC). Sales commission is 7% (less than half of BC). They've only been around for a minute, so there's lots of work to do. Something to check out:


cragsand, (edited )
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@randulo Love seeing more cooperatives!

Question is if its a registered cooperative company & in which country. How is it run? Do they have a charter/bylaws? Is it run democratically with a board or a single owner? Is it an LCC and without contractual obligations to actually be a cooperative.
Reading their about page my first thought is that this needs to be clarified.

Bandcamp "posed" as a cooperative but was very much a for-profit company that sold out so want to avoid that happening again.

davidho, to random
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Lamppost EV chargers are the answer to how you charge your vehicle in cities.

This is possible because when energy intensive street lamps were replaced by LEDs, there’s excess power for charging EVs.

All cities should do this. ⚡️

h/t Robert Llewllyn

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@davidho This isn't accurate, you do have put down larger wires.

In the city where I live they run 5G10 wiring as a standard which is still generous.
The dimensions aren't limited by the load, but the wire length. The resistance turns the wires into radiators at the lengths used for municipal street lights.

Here are some rough examples:
On a 16A fuse you can manage about 300-500 meters max length
On a 10A fuse about 500-1000 m
This is still only enough to trickle charge a single vehicle.

thelinuxEXP, to linux
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I'm doing another one of my little surveys, this time to see which parts of using on the desktop are the most problematic, and the various issues people are having.

I'll make a video on these results next week, and depending on the answers, maybe I'll make more videos on specific issues, either to explain these topics, or to see how we could improve.

So, here is the form, feel free to fill it out and share it around, so we have as many answers as possible!


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@thelinuxEXP I think this is a great initiative! Figuring out what is offputting to new users and providing tools to make it a little bit easier.

I've been learning and getting familiar with and plasma recently. It's generally considered to be one of the most familiar desktops for moving Windows users.

What I had most problems with is installing and configuring software that isn't in any default package manager so having guides/wizards helpers built in would be my suggestion. 😊

dalekcoffee, to microsoft

The feature is a fucking nightmare lmao

However, Recall won't actively hide sensitive information like passwords and financial account numbers that appear on-screen.

Marketed to be "on your device only". |

It used to be a meme to ask someone to delete your browser history when you die. Now you gotta ask them to dep fry the whole computer> To use Recall, users will need to purchase one of the new "Copilot Plus PCs" powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite chips

Got it, so avoid these PCs. Only a matter of time before this comes baked into more chips though. Gross.

New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC


@cragsand@mastodon.social avatar

@dalekcoffee It's complete insanity. I don't know what they're thinking turning people's PCs into spyware. Not even asking for consent, just: Congrats, we made the choice for you!

Anyone with this crap on a compromised PC will now not only lose their passwords but their whole life and identity. A scammers wet dream.

Someone linked me this meme video before:

stefan, to fediverse
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I know some fediverse apps use various text/image detection technologies, so I was curious if this encourages the use of alt text.

The main thing I learned: Out of nearly 30,000 fediverse posts I looked at, almost 80% did not have information about the client app.

That was a bit surprising. And it makes doing this sort of analysis difficult.

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Having a specific feature for suggesting alt text on the fediverse would be helpful while avoiding the new users experiencing alt text nag negatively.

I.e. "This user suggests the following alt text for your image: Text. Accept, deny."

Clicking accept automatically edits your post and inserts what they wrote. If it already has an alt text you never get any notification.

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Yeah it would be tricky. I guess the best would be if Mastodon implements it I their API and then other developers follow suit.

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@mikedev @mario
This is relevant once again I guess :KEKW:

18+ stux, to random
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The heck... and she goes back in the car and locks the door? What is going on here

stux, to random
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This almost looks kinda cool :blobcatgiggle:

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Space Morrowind vibe :DagothUrEmoji:

eas_, to Cats
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The way my cat drinks from watering cans never gets old to me. :blobpats:

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@eas_ World class gymnast right there

GossiTheDog, to random
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  • cragsand,
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    So beautiful :BlobHajMlem:

    carolynporco, to TierraSapiens
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    Fellow Mastodonians ...

    Do any of you do video editing ... perhaps for a podcast or maybe personal home videos? If so, what is the best, most easily used video editing software out there?

    I don't need all the bells & whistles, but will need features like splicing video segments (from diff't sources) together, some nice (not over the top) transitions, ease of use, & good quality end results.

    Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

    @cragsand@mastodon.social avatar

    @carolynporco I've tried a lot of free video editing software but I always find myself coming back to .

    Using effects can be a bit tricky to figure out at first but just for basic transitions and editing in multiple track layers it does the job well.

    Sometimes it crashes when you zoom to quickly from the timeline but saving with CONTROL+S is instant and restarting the same. https://www.shotcut.org/

    cragsand, (edited )
    @cragsand@mastodon.social avatar

    @carolynporco Yes, you can drag and drop a clip into the timeline, split it in the middle, separate the two parts and drag in another clip in the middle.

    If you drag the beginning of one clip over the end of the other clip, it will create a transition.

    To show one clip on top of another, create a new track, and drag that clip on that track.

    Here's a tutorial video showing how to use the timeline: https://youtu.be/PCMcyYAtRzw?t=10m
    Best of luck!

    dbrgn, to random
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    At first, there wasn't any to be seen, only the moon...

    @cragsand@mastodon.social avatar

    @dbrgn Amazing photos! The current solar storm is giving these amazing Auroras pretty far south. It's late at night here in southern Sweden and unfortunately very overcast and cloudy so no luck for me at this time. 😊

    @cragsand@mastodon.social avatar

    @dbrgn Fairly rare but we get them occasionally!

    cragsand, (edited ) to Eurovision
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    From my favorite is Ireland's entry.
    Such an amazing choreography for the whole performance with a pagan theme.
    There's influences from Black metal and Death metal here so the only thing I felt was missing from the performance was the electric guitar.

    Bambie Thug - Doomsday Blue

    cragsand, to Eurovision
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    isn't region locked from the SVT Swedish PoV! You can even watch along from the US :catjam:

    @cragsand@mastodon.social avatar

    Sorry for late post :cate:

    rolle, (edited ) to Eurovision
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    @rolle Sudden hairy ass nudity on screen, must be Finland's entry :KEKW:

    atomicpoet, to bluesky
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    So I just tried opting into (https://brid.gy/mastodon/@atomicpoet@atomicpoet.org).

    I found it confusing. For one thing, it asks me for my Mastodon account. Though Akkoma uses Mastodon’s API, not all sites recognize this nor support it—I don’t know if BridgyFed would reject.

    Secondly, it’s not clear how to opt in. I think I opted in but there was nothing to say “Congrats! People from can see you!”

    Also, how do I receive posts? That’s not apparent to me.


    @cragsand@mastodon.social avatar

    @atomicpoet @fediversenews

    To enable and opt-in you follow this account: @bsky.brid.gy@bsky.brid.gy
    That will start mirroring and federate your ActivityPub account over the ATProtocol and assign a DID.

    Then the counterpart for BlueSky you follow:
    And it will start mirroring your ATProtocol account as an ActivityPub account.

    AT to AP seems more seamless since AP has more features. Truncating long posts for example looks ugly. The plan is to thread them eventually.

    @cragsand@mastodon.social avatar

    @giant_awake @mike Early beta so expect it to be slow and break.

    It's running pretty slow from testing and took several hours before my first posts showed up so following and then unfollowing without waiting probably won't work.

    You can compare the timestamps of my posts for example:

    ScottManleyHimself, to random
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    Certified aircraft avionics contain just as many hacks as any other piece of small run consumer electronics.


    @cragsand@mastodon.social avatar

    That reminds me of region chipping PSX consoles back in the day.

    Then again, the outcome of breaking something wouldn't be anywhere as fatal as with an aircraft... :AngeryCat:

    cragsand, to random
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    Test post from Mastodon over the BlueSky bridge. @bsky.brid.gy@bsky.brid.gy

    Transportist, to bluesky
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    Using to see my Bluesky account in to boost fed.bird.gy () allowing me to see posts on , and vice versa. If I post something on Mastodon will it appear on Bluesky, and so appear on Mastodon, and so forth, in a mirror of infinite recursion?

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    cragsand, to Morrowind
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