/kbin quick update

As you noticed, I had to temporarily enable DDoS protection. Someone is trying quite effectively to distract me from my activities ;p Unfortunately, this may cause some issues with the federation. I will try to cut off the traffic as soon as possible and return to normal operation. Thank you for all your support and patience! :)


Thanks for keep things running well. Is the DDOS mitigation confirmed to be causing federation issues or is it speculation at this point? How does Mastodon deal with it?

Edit: Are you able to create a rule to bypass the check for logged in users?


Are you able to create a rule to bypass the check for logged in users?

I'm logged in and have gotten the check repeatedly in the last hour. So I'm guessing no.

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I know I can't find any kbin.social posts from my mastodon instance. DDoS protections break federation because typically they can't differentiate server to server traffic from malicious.

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No problem, keep the protection up as long as it's needed.

And thanks for you work :)



Can you point me to documentation to deploy kbin natively on linux? I know there's a well documented docker installation guide, but I was looking for something native to Linux. I've successfully got postmill going until I realized it's not (yet?) part of the the fediverse. postmill and kbin share very similar UI and I wanted to try out the deployment of kbin for evaluation before eventually(hopefully) rolling an instance out

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You probably want to join :matrix.org for realtime help

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Ahh, is this why I keep getting asked to prove I'm human? I wasn't sure if that was because my VPN was doing something goofy or if the site's just getting hammered with new users (like myself).


Yeah I started getting those captchas after the DDoS protection got switched on, using a VPN on both. Have had the same thing on a few sites using a VPN, minor cost for the whole site not getting knocked out though.

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I noticed this earlier. I wouldn't mind DDoS protection sticking around until things settle down. Thanks for the quick action!

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No problem, seems someone is jealous. Do whatever it needs.

Keep up the great work.

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