✨ What is your favorite thing about kbin? ✨

Here are mine! A handful of things come to mind right away, but there are plenty more:

⭐ The admin @ernest is an incredibly hardworking, kind, supportive, and an all-around good person. This is my tip top most favorite thing because good leadership and communication is essential to a good and thriving community. Ernest is a star!

⭐ The ability to edit titles!!! This is sooo convenient!

⭐ The ability to customize mags with CSS! I could spend hours doing this, it's so fun! I don't know any other social media site that allows you that level of freedom of customization. It really makes it feel more personal. All my mags are decked out :3

⭐ I enjoy making scripts/styles for kbin. kbin is the reason I began learning JS, HTML, and CSS. I am so happy I started learning, and it's all thanks to kbin.

⭐Posts and conversations here are much more GENUINE. It feels like I am interacting with real people, with the goal of socializing just for the sake of socializing, which I don't get elsewhere. Everywhere else it's a competition to say the wittiest thing and get the most likes/upvotes.

⭐ No malicious, tricky, over-calculated algorithm. It's very straight-forward and honest here. I love seeing a mix of upvoted/downvoted comments in comment sections too, rather than just top upvoted, because it makes me feel more apart of the conversation with everyone. Your contributions and thoughts won't get drowned out by upvoted witty remarks, that is truly unique to kbin (and maybe elsewhere on the fediverse?).

⭐ kbin gives me the urge to contribute, interact, and create because our contributions have actual impact. Can't say the same for other sites. Everywhere else is lurk only.

⭐ Tightknit but welcoming. kbin is small enough that I run into familiar people all the time, and I recognize usernames everywhere.

⭐ Authenticity. kbin is authentic and real. It's not pushing a product, not manipulating what you see, not building an ad profile. It is what a forum should be.

That only scratches the surface! How about you guys? If you guys share the same favorite things as me, I would love to hear your thoughts on why.

(i also posted this here)

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I agree with everything you said, additionally:

  • Ernest is dope, figure that's worth repeating, probably the hardest working man in open source social media right now
  • I really like the UI a lot compared to other fediverse alternatives
  • I like that I can see both blog posts and threads from one app
  • Kbin users seem to be more balanced than many lemmy instances which seem to foster groupthink and brigading.
  • Features seem to be rolled out based on community feedback, I made a post a long time ago about abandoned magazines and was pleasantly surprised to see a method of reclaiming ghost magazines included in a recent update.
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all great points. i hear lots of mixed reception on lemmy, sounds like a mini reddit sometimes lol.

and yea, ernest actually listening to the users and implementing features from there is another reason why he is so amazing!

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ernest's approach is unique in many ways, and
the kbin community is highly responsive to new ideas
@ernest @DarkGamer

Pamasich, (edited )
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I don't know any other social media site that allows you that level of freedom of customization.

Reddit used to have custom CSS, still does if you use the old design via the settings or the old.reddit.com address. Check out /r/steam for a subreddit with heavy custom styling.

Sadly in later redesigns they threw that feature out in favor of a more professional but boring looking uniform design.

Some stuff like spoilers started out on the platform using custom CSS. Spoilers used to be done by styling links pointing to a specific address. The worldnews subreddit uses it to hide paywalled articles.

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