Organized kbin / Lemmy Apps & Resources

In table format with FOSS status, platform, and OS for your (desktop) viewing pleasure:

FOSS Name Platform OS Stage Source Code Info
YES Memmy Lemmy Android, iOS Android Release (Pending Play Store Approval) Github
YES Morpha Lemmy Android, iOS Under Development Gitlab
YES Thunder Lemmy Android, iOS Alpha Release Github
YES Mlem Lemmy iOS Submitted for App Store Review (July 1) Github
YES Jerboa Lemmy Android Released Github
YES Artemis Kbin, Lemmy Android, iOS Private Beta (Starts End of June) Unreleased
YES Beyond Lemmy Android, iOS Under Development Unreleased original Beehaw post
NO Sync Lemmy Android Research N/A
YES Slide Lemmy Android Under Development (More information coming) N/A original Lemmy post
YES Liftoff Lemmy Android, iOS Beta Github
YES Lemming Lemmy Android Beta Github
NO Connect Lemmy Android Released N/A lemmy community
NO Summit Lemmy Android Open Beta N/A
YES Unnamed Kbin Android, iOS Research N/A kbin post
TBD Lemon Lemmy iOS Development, Beta in Early July N/A
YES WefWef Kbin Web App Released Github

Important note from

Am super open to any apps, code repos, communities, or info I'm missing as well as updates.

gus avatar

Really need some kind of mobile app that isn't the native web app one for kbin. Experience is just not great and is mostly keeping me off when I'm mobile

+1 for the Artemis team

Eggyhead avatar

Oof. Tables are a disaster on mobile. The boxes are so squished together that every word is written vertically.

Noki avatar

true - but it looks good on desktop.

Are we a little short on Kbin apps ?

vaguerant avatar

It's a little more readable if you turn your phone on its side. Still a bit iffy, but better than reading it one letter at a time.

McBinary avatar

Here is another kbin app to add, from the developer of pixelfed:

developerjustin, avatar

@DARbarian thank you for mentioning me! I definitely started one but I don't plan to finish or launch it. I'm hoping to support @hariette and the work being done on @ArtemisApp

Noki avatar

you can add one more to the list for Kbin:

He already created (Instagramm like interface for the fedivers) and (tracking of the fedivers growth)

Very talented and hard working! Very happy to ses that.

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