/kbin test environments

Hi, new test instances are now available. The previous frontend changes were mostly cosmetic. But now I would like to take a closer look at a few bigger things, like this. However, maintaining compatibility with your styles is very important to me. I also invite you to discuss and review in pull requests :) Cheers!


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Hey, during the server change, I would like to switch to the version used on lab2.kbin.pub - many backend errors have been fixed there. Does the current state of the frontend pose a problem for you?

@artillect @Perry @minnieo @0rito

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No issues for me! though i agree with @Perry that things we do shouldn't hold you back from developing. it's our responsibility to adapt :) but its very sweet of you to consider people making scripts and styles (●′▾‵●).。.:*♡

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Hah, it does break a few things for me, but I'm working on fixing it as we speak actually. Honestly, I don't think some third party tinkering should hold back your official deployments, so go ahead and deploy whenever you want.

If anything, it would be awesome if the version number or similar was available as a class on the body or as a JS object (like KBIN_USER and similar). Then it would be easier to make the transition more seamless by supporting both the current version and the next version when it releases.

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Not seeing any issues with my scripts, if I find any issues I'll sort them out on the userscript's end. I totally agree with what the others said, don't feel like you need to hold yourself back for us!

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@ernest - I appreciate the heads up and echo the sentiments of @Perry and @minnieo.

Both kbin-code-highlighting and the supporting script, kbin-mod-options, continue to be functional on lab2.

@shazbot will need to take a look at the first 3 mods inside of kbin-megamod - it looks like in some instances they try to function before DOM is finished and only intermittently work on lab2. However, the megamod itself is functioning as intended.

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Went ahead and added matches to kbin-code-highlighting for those two instances. All looks good from my perspective anyway.

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thank you so much for your hard work (˘︶˘).。.:*♡

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Is there a process to get an account on the test instances?

I've been tinkering quite a bit with my subscriptions panel last week, and it would be cool to keep up with any future compatibility changes, but naturally it only really works while logged in.

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@Perry You can register, I activate accounts manually periodically to ensure there are no bots here.

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Don't also forget this

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@ernest I see you posting more and more about community management and server/service maintenance than coding on the project.

How do you deal with doing both: a maintainer for a project and a community manager ?

I was trying to push people interested in in starting their own instances instead of using mine, and seeing how nobody took me up on that, it feels like it's the losing strategy. :D

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@mariusor I'm just trying adapt to the current situation. I gave myself a few days or weeks to get things in order for a peaceful work environment. People here organized themselves and took care of all the organizational work, while I mainly observed so far :) Thanks to that, I was able to temporarily focus on my critical issues.

I know something about it, it's not easy, but it seems to me that will find its niche if the fediverse continues to grow in the right direction. Good luck. We are also considering adding an ap-related submodule in Go or Rust ourselves to squeeze out as much performance as possible. So, it's possible that I'll start digging into your GitHub soon ;)

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