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Mon amoureuse a reçu un mail de menace de procès pour utilisation d'une typographie de la part de
Mais c'est une typo qui se trouve partout "free for personal use", par exemple là : https://befonts.com/brandon-grotesque-font-family.html
Est-ce que quelqu'un a déjà eu ce genre de problème ?
Est-ce qu'on risque gros concrètement ?
(ils demandent 300$ pour les 4 dernières années...)

Merci !!

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For those who do and , there's a PR proposing to be v4 of the popular httpie testing tool.

It includes features like:

  • Viewing the TLS cert
  • Forcing custom DNS resolution for testing pre-launch sites
  • Explicitly forcing IPv4 or IPv6 DNS resolution
  • Support for HTTP/3

Overall, it closes more than 20 issues filed against httpie:


If you use the tool and care about one of these, test the PR and leave some feedback.

combatwombat, to webdev German
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netbeep - An annoying little Chrome extension that beeps on each network request. Plays different sounds for different request types.

Get an audio summary of your websites performance. Makes you appreciate simple, clean sites and ad blockers :>


Feedback welcome. The sound sometimes stops on slower machines.


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🐝🎧 New ADHD ftw! Podcast:
Episode 10 - Second brain tool: Obsidian https://adhdftw.com/podcast/second-brain-tool-obsidian/

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In a web app, I'm trying to do image upload with the option to use the camera or select from gallery. Currently using this code and getting this weird screen from it. Any ideas?


<input type="file" accept="image/*">  
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I really should be learning CSS faster 😅 :blobcatfearful:

My Neocities blog looks really plain at the moment. :blobcatamused:

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“Why don’t we talk about minifying anymore?” https://blog.sentry.io/why-dont-we-talk-about-minifying-css/

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I'm building

Some more features has to come in, but thus far my mother is using and finding it useful - let me know!

#music #fm #radio #webdev

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The GPT store is slowly rolling out to free users, which is super exciting because...

Codepen Link Generator 🔗

You can ask this GPT in any chat (using @) to build a Codepen link with the generated HTML, CSS, and JS. This is super valuable when you want to turn a code-snippet into something you can interact with!

This has been valuable when working with my new library (also a custom GPT), and asking this GPT to turn those samples into links!


joelanman, to javascript
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trying to implement a form submission progress bar in js, but XHR follows the success redirect without telling me (I want to access it and redirect the browser).

Fetch can opt out of that but doesn't have a progress api!

I think I found a workaround for XHR:

xhr.onreadystatechange = function() {

 if (this.readyState === this.DONE) {  
 window.location.href = this.responseURL  


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“hello! i am currently seeking new employment opportunities in art, design and/or web development, ux & marketing consultation
resume :: ‪https://encipherdesign.com‬”

—> @brentpruitt

#getfedihired #webdev #webdesign #ux #a11y #frontend #wordpress #remote

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Good news: I got working locally with @astro ! 🥳

Bad news: They're not showing in production, there's not even a request, nor is my try & catch throwing me an error 🤡

Why is it SO HARD to get them working with ?? Meanwhile the community has tons of resources on how to do it...

I assume that it's some client-side issue but I've had enough of this, time to start the weekend

SteveFaulkner, to accessibility
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Drag and drop accessibility has always been a thorny subject to provide useful practical advice for, until @siblingpastry mapped out:
The Road to Accessible Drag and Drop (1-3) read all 3 parts!

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Can't recommend enough the Hypermedia Systems ebook to web developers. Not only a great resource for learning and "getting" , and acquiring key best practices for using it, but it also makes the case for the classic system architecture, which has been somewhat disregarded over the last decade or two. Should be a worthwhile read, regardless of the framework or app architecture you intend to use.

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stvfrnzl, to Blog
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Five years ago was my graduation from #CodingBootcamp on this very day.

I looked back and wrote a GIANT #blog post: https://stevefrenzel.dev/posts/from-boot-camp-to-blog-five-years-in-the-tech-industry/

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. #WebDev #Fullstack #Coding #Frontend #Backend #HTML #CSS #JavaScript

cferdinandi, to webdev
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🍦 New Article: How to listen to multiple events in a Web Component with the handleEvent() method https://gomakethings.com/how-to-listen-to-multiple-events-in-a-web-component-with-the-handleevent-method/ #WebDev #FrontEndDeveloper #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie

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The moment your ad hijacks my screen or impedes my ability to read the article is the moment I leave.

#ad #mobile #news #webdev

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Blogged about @zachleat's Glyphhanger and how I used it to shrink my web fonts by 90%!


#webdev #fonts #webfonts

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I'm curious how many tech influencers couldn't even setup a Wordpress site

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I’ve been avoiding display:contents because of all the problems people like @aardrian and @eric have written about.

But, coincident with this post yesterday – https://mastodon.social/@urlyman/112449897977897437 – I actually had a need to use it for a non-public facing thing.


TIL that in Firefox it completely breaks the anchoring effect of an id attribute attached to an element.

Put differently, a link to an element with display: contents DOES NOT WORK 🤦‍♂️


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Data mining features that are opt-out 🙅

Data mining features that are opt-in 🤷

Data mining is banned and we are compensated for our contributions to billons of dollars in profit 🙋

#webdev #internet #privacy #ai

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