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I try to do these incorrectly on purpose


This post makes more sense than the guy that posted the snowy houses vs. the warm living rooms, and said he thought it meant warm colors despite the example being a warm living room.


It doesn’t to me and many others, which probably astonishes you.


I click those without thinking about it too much at all. They are the ones who want to learn how to be human, let them learn to follow my logic.

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It says to click the squares that contain traffic lights, not “Click the squares in which at least 50% of the area is covered by an image of a traffic light”

If they didn’t want to count the ones with only a few pixels they should have been more clear in their instructions.


How much thinking is overthinking?

And do you mean how often do I overthink, or are you asking to what extent do I overthink?


My daughter was trying to sign up for a Steam account. We went through at least 10 of these stupid things… constantly failing somehow, then getting a “try again later” error without telling us what “later” fucking means.

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Have you considered the possibility that you’re replicants?


I’m trying to click as little as possible here, middle row boxes 2 and 3, bottom row box 3 is all you’re getting from CAPTCHA


Clicking 3 or 4 panels with correct parts passes most of the time, regardless of how many are actually correct. Sometimes you can even click a completely wrong panel too. No way I’m actually helping them train their stuff on edge cases for free.


You also probably help with edge cases. All it needs for them is to shift (and or rotate) the images slightly when presented to other people to get more accurate results.

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When the societies of the future look back on old humanity and try to locate all of the points of failure which led to our timely destruction, one such point of failure will be when we decided that signing our memes was an OK thing to do.


Whether or not a human would say yes or no to this is what the AI is trying to learn lol


Does anyone know the actual answer to this? If the object is a few pixels over the line would Google consider that to be on both squares?


Idk but I always click it anyway. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it makes me do another.

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Im always identified as a bot in these situations


I’d expect the answers other users have given for a particular captcha will be used to both train the algorithm, and also to decide what constitutes a correct answer.

So the right answer would be “the answer which a majority of humans would choose.”

In my experience, correct means selecting squares that contain a significant portion of the thing. If its a tiny part then it’s irrelevant.


Any tiny part, to me, is also part of the thing but that might then explain why I find those things so damn frustrating (I often get them “wrong”)

All right, so now just the majority of the thing is the thing. Thanks


Does anyone know the actual answer to this?

Buster addons.mozilla.org/…/buster-captcha-solver/


Why is this so green? What the fuck lol


the matrix has green colour correction


Screenshots of screenshots of screenshots, bruh.

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