oldperl, to fcbayern German
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eine Nummer zu groß für den ? 🤔


masterdon1312, to legal
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i know "every deserves compassion and regardless of their circumstances prior to becoming homeless" etc. etc. but it really is crazy hearing from who were like, or otherwise people who had One (1) misfortune happen that caused them to become homeless. like that "you are one away from " thing is terrifyingly

SirTapTap, to superbowl
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usanam, to Meme
wanguya_muturi_jesse, to UnitedKingdom

i am W̵͎̰̲̳̘̦̺̗̌̂̄A̸̡̪̠͚̯͉̖̟̥̪̓͋͒͌̅̌̄N̵͙͇̬͔̻̈́̍͛̏͗G̸̡̛̛͒͆̍͋̂̏̎͝U̷͈͚͓͎̅̍̒́̇́̌̌͝͠Y̵̮͕̯͔̗̜̫̠͕̓̈́̉̐̄͆̓̚̚Ȃ̵̢̡̻̠̪̺͎̲͉̗̆̆̀͂͒̒

itnewsbot, to mapmaking
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A Homebrew GPS Correction System for DIY Land Surveying - For those of you rushing to the comment section after reading the title to tell B... - https://hackaday.com/2024/01/12/a-homebrew-gps-correction-system-for-diy-land-surveying/ [-timekinematics

wpgne, to music
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It usually puts me in a good mood when I can find a song I've been searching for, sometimes for over a decade. Today's another one of those days.

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But then, some days are like this:
Pretty rare for no wins AND a double showcase overbid on
Doesn't get much worse. These have been termed

OccuWorld, to running
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SirTapTap, to random
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how tf is poverty real lmfao bro just grow 4 million tomatoes in your back yard

tagesschau, to random German
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Insolvenz: Letzte Real-Supermärkte schließen bis Ende März

Die insolvente Supermarktkette Real gibt 18 Märkte an Konkurrenten ab, aber für 45 Filialen gab es keine Interessenten. Sie sollen bis Ende März 2024 schließen, gab das Unternehmen bekannt.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/unternehmen/real-filialen-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

#Real #Supermärkte #Rewe #Edeka #Kaufland

cazabon, to instagramreality

Odd... So I ordered some "" multiturn precision from an seller, both linear, but two different values.

They were , so you expect them to be . Real Bourns stuff isn't cheap.

But as far as I can tell, the 10kΩ ones are fake, but the 100kΩ ones I received appear to be the thing. Now, they could be "3rd shift" or factory floor sweepings... but they're marked . Seller is in China.

Anyone see this before?

ThePublicIntellectual, to random

Both the MAGA element in Israel (Likud) and the MAGA element in Palestinians (Hamas) reject the 2-state cc @chrislhayes @thestalwart

which is all u need to know what the is, the answer if u will

wendynather, to random

Hey @cyentiainst @wade I’m moving a lot of Big Data today


Also note the vintage ‘70s wallpaper in the background.

kapellosaur, to UX
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This collapsing of hashtags at the end of posts in the latest masto update is going to drive me up the wall, I'm certain.

I've barely come across any posts so far that this actually saves space on, either because the final hashtag is shorter than "and X more" or because the line has already wrapped by that point anyway.

This is the sort of cock-up I see far too often from dedicated designers, let alone coders who aren't thinking when they implement it.

Bottom of the post having clicked "and 1 more", showing merely

@kapellosaur@mstdn.social avatar

There should at least be the option to turn it off. It's trivial to break anyway by sticking something else on the same line as the hashtags, or I could write "and 1 more" myself just to irritate people?

…and 1 more

SirTapTap, to aliens
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bro why does the mexican alien have a commercial hygrometer lmao I have one just like that in my plant room

damemagazine, to twitter
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was one of the most important tech utilities for to break stories and deliver -time news, until Elon Musk bought the company. He not only killed the platform, he destroyed one of our most vital outlets.

@andreagrimes on how the destruction of the bird app has impacted her and many other independent .


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@damemagazine @andreagrimes

Normalize using fediverse handles/URLs in chyrons and by lines.

itnewsbot, to ArtificialIntelligence
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High Quality 3D Scene Generation from 2D Source, In Realtime - Here’s some fascinating work presented at SIGGRAPH 2023 of a method for radiance f... - https://hackaday.com/2023/09/02/high-quality-3d-scene-generation-from-2d-source-in-realtime/ -time

SirTapTap, to chess
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I invented a new sport today in Jackbox

"Nude chess" was an answer in Bracketeering, so I upped the ante that when you take a piece, you have to sit on it.

And if course, if any pieces fall out, the opponent gets them back.

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