Oh look its the death panels the republicans assured us didnt exist in the current healthcare system


The premium for the non death panel plan are much higher


Yep. Called “out of pocket” in case anyone is in the market.

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yep. in the us if you are a top trial lawyer you can have rights akin to europeans.


“Rich Lawyer Saves Himself From Orphan Crushing Machine”


Barely saves himself.


The reason Blue Cross took this case all the way to court is simple, to send a message to anyone else denied “be prepared to spend millions fighting us, oh and you still have cancer so you’ll likely die soon”.

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I’m sure they figured since he was stage 4, he’d die and they wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. The lawsuit was probably just stalling for time along with the message.

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It’s a win, but it feels so small when you think of all these other patients before him who could have been cured or lived longer with fewer side-effects in the dystopian hellhole that is the US health insurance ecosystem.

@InEnduringGrowStrong@sh.itjust.works avatar

That’s good for them, but makes you wonder just how many people get refused but lack the resources to fight this or end up settling or forgoing care.
That’s sad

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We already knew it was thousands of people being denied cancer treatment before Obama care, and clearly the number still isn't down to zero.


Corporate death panels kill thousands every year.

Medicare for all.

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