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when people create brand new alts just to post in this community

Just like this post 😅

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I tried boycotting food but then I got hungry.

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In Québec, (some) of the grocery price tags include a fine print with the $/100g.
They go out of their way to make this the smallest thing possible though.
There’s plenty of other misleading tagging going on too.
And I think it’s only certain items, maybe not all.
It’s a good idea and helpful, but should be more prominent and apply to literally all foods.

And that’s before tax, although not all foods are taxed.

New WiFi Authentication Vulnerabilities Discovered (www.top10vpn.com)

Two new vulnerabilities have been identified in WiFi software affecting devices connecting to both enterprise and home networks. The wpa_supplicant vulnerability (CVE-2023-52160) impacts all Android devices, Linux distributions using the default WiFi client, and ChromeOS devices. It allows attackers to create malicious clones of...

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For a successful attack, wpa_supplicant must be configured to not verify the network’s TLS certificate during Phase 1 authentication, and an eap_peap_decrypt vulnerability can then be abused to skip Phase 2 authentication.

Well yea, if you bypass cert verification, bad things can happen.

The other one’s pretty bad in that it doesn’t require misconfiguration, although I imagine most commercial APs don’t use iwd.

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I thought lemmy was an anti censorship effort, was I wrong?

Different places censor different things

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Sometimes I think people can’t possibly be this dumb.

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Yes, but sometimes I disconnect for long enough to forget and have some sort of hope in humanity.
Doesn’t last too long usually.

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Cool project.
TBH, I’m just about to locally ban a few kbin magazines that are just completely overrun with spam.
Wish they’d delegate some of the moderation at least.

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Like Batman and Bruce Wayne, TheDude and TheCloud are never seen together.

InEnduringGrowStrong, (edited )
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Sadly, no.
Like imaqtpie mentioned, I’ve cobbled together something, because otherwise we’d be drowning in garbage/spam.
Hopefully it doesn’t become sentient enough to rampage on its own.

There’s the recent spam wave, but there’s a lot of other day-to-day junk.
Compare, say…
With a random instance’s version:

Or even with its kbin source: kbin.social/m/opensource

(Unrelated, but federation seems currently broken between that kbin magazine and lemmy in general… but then it’s 99% down in there lately)

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Seems to be happening on lemmynsfw’s end because most/every instances aren’t up to date with them.

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I can confirm it’s the same for at least sh.itjust.works, ttrpg.network and lemm.ee.
Not the first time I’ve heard this happening since 0.19+ instances :/

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Alright, so, the original rule 1 that was referenced in the first modlog when you posted this to /c/worldnews refers to the community rules for /c/worldnews :

<span style="color:#323232;">Rule 1: posts have the following requirements:
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    Post news articles only
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    Video links are NOT articles and will be removed.
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    Title must match the article headline
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    Not United States Internal News
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    Recent (Past 30 Days)
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    Screenshots/links to other social media sites (Twitter/X/Facebook/Youtube/reddit, etc.) are explicitly forbidden, as are link shorteners

You then broke rule 2 on /c/technology, which I think a mod explained well.

On /c/youshouldknow, you were also breaking rule 1, which is a different rule 1 than before becaise it’s a different community.

/c/youshouldknow community’s rule 1:

<span style="color:#323232;">Rule 1- All posts must begin with YSK

Like… every community has their own rules.
Here, you lucked out and don’t break any obvious rules whether you read them or not.

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They targeted smaller unattended mastodon and misskey instances… to create accounts there and post their spam all over the place including larger instances and lemmy.
Several hundred posts were removed since then.

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You likely have Show read posts unchecked in your settings.
I don’t know if Boost has the UI for it, but it’s in /settings in the web UI.

Good luck

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Just a quick status update…
I know it’s been a while and that soon isn’t much to go on.
Trust me, we want the new version as much as anyone.

TheDude is the one working out the details, but FYI, there’s actually two things happening in the near future:

  • migrating to more powerful dedicated hardware
  • upgrading to latest lemmy

It could technically be done in any order.
On one hand, the server itself is kind of an abstraction for everyone.
On the other hand, the new version is more resource hungry and it might go smoother on the new hardware.
I’ll let TheDude decide whichever is easier.

The way forward differs slightly whichever happens first and some downtime is to be expected whenever that happens.

TheDude will let us know soon. 😅

I’ll go back to dealing with the spam and whatnot.

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I don’t necessarily disagree, but it seems this community is like… an automated archive of someone’s browser history or something.

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Send these callers to a recording of the SIT Intercept tone.
Their dialer software will assume your line is disconnected and remove your number from their list.
Enjoy peace.

PrusaSlicer - Need some quick help with prototype printing

Hi everyone - I’m doing some prototyping on a part I’m designing. The final part will take up nearly the entire build plate, but for a test print, I’m using a negative modifier to remove 80% of the part, leaving only a sliver to print. The problem is that once sliced, the part left to be printed is way over on the edge of...

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Big D only spawns once you take a couple steps towards any “pillar” in the corner.
Scout the level and note wherever has lots of water (which will soon be electrified).
As you should know by now, it becomes invulnerable during the fight.
The pillar making it invulnerable is telegraphed by the direction towards which the sparks will fly.

If you have one or more honeypots:
Starting with the most annoying corner to get to, step in towards the corner as little as you can and throw a honeypot at the pillar. If you don’t go too far in, DM won’t spawn yet and you can repeat for other pillars if you have the honeypots.
This won’t do anything for now, but once the bot is invulnerable, the bee will kill the pillar, canceling the invulnerability without you having to walk there.
Now, you likely won’t have 3-4 honeypots on most runs, but even if you only have a 1-2, that’s still less running around.
If you’re lucky or have enough honeypots, you don’t even need to chase the pillar at all.

If you do need to destroy a pillar manually, cutting through the middle area (DM will have more trouble following you there) could buy you some time.
Other useful things to get to a pillar faster:

  • yellow seed
  • haste potion
  • teleport rune stone

The lightning bolts revolve around the pillar, try and time it so you don’t get zapped too much.

When done, I usually go out the other side because the way I came in is likely full of poison gas by now.

Mitigating damage:

  • avoid electrified areas
    • you take damage from it (bad)
    • it gains shield from it (bad)
  • when it tries to drop the ceiling on you, move to a non red square to avoid being pummeled while paralysed
  • in melee, an earth root (brown seed) can help you tank some (Beware that it’s canceled by moving)
  • if you’re taking too much poison damage, maybe use a purity potion, if you’re still in earth root, you’re probably better off trading hits than moving
  • kiting it can avoid a little poison damage too, that is, if you’re not currently using the earth root to mitigate the physical damage (move away, attack, move away, attack, etc).
  • if the only damage you’re taking is the poison, you’re fine

Other random things of various use that you may or may not have…

  • Liquid flame can provide you with a bit of damage over time (it’s immune to poison gas, but not to fire)
  • Wand of Regrowth can root it in place (or give you more turns of fire damage)
  • Similarly, a potion or a wand of corrosion could provide damage, but it usually moves too much to be effective unless you can also root it, or vertigo it (by throwing a levitation potion at it or throwing a stormvinein its path) Do NOT get caught in your vertigo or corrosion.

PS: lower tier weapons and armor don’t really keep up at higher levels. Consider holding off your first few upgrades (making the first levels harder) to upgrade better tier stuff (making higher levels easier, somewhat)
It’s… a balance. Holding off too much isn’t always better either as you then have to burn through your other resources to survive.

Good luck

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Yea I sometimes start using scrolls in demon halls, but that’s a bit late sometimes.
If you got off too long, it might mean burning through your other resources faster until you do.

Something that I also do sometimes is throw extra items down pits so I can pick them back up on the next level or maybe eventually sell them.
Everything from level 1 to the Imp’s store is usually picked clean. Although, once you commit to upgrading an item it becomes less useful to haul things.

A neat trick I got from someone else here is to pile a bunch of your unidentified stuff and throw a bomb at it. Upgraded items will be OK, but lvl 0 items will be destroyed.
Now it may or may not be cursed, but now you know they’re at least +1, which has been more helpful than I initially thought it would be.
Kinda saves on id and remove curse scrolls in a roundabout way, because you only bother with the better gear.

Some curses are gagne breaking, others aren’t as bad, and if it’s an item you’re going to dump upgrade scrolls into anyway there’s no need to uncurse them, the upgrades will eventually wipe the curse.

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You can also use a scroll of upgrade to weaken weapon and armor curses, allowing them to be unequipped but keeping the curse enchantment. It can also completely remove curses from any cursed upgradable item with a 1∕3 chance.

(Shattered Pixel Dungeon)

If you’re gonna dump a bunch of scrolls in it, you’re pretty much guaranteed to uncurse.

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Also… if your start tossing stuff down… make sure you at least pick it back up once, even if you don’t want it anymore.
Tossed items can land atop other items and kinda hide them. Sucks to miss a key, upgrade, potion, etc because it’s underneath some junk you tossed.
If you tossed it and don’t want it anymore, at least pick it back up momentarily to confirm there’s nothing underneath.

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