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Reply to So I'm kind of experiencing some cognitive dissonance

Was going to post this on an existing microblog but it won't go through for whatever reason. Reply to @futureisfoss and somewhat to @sotolf as well.

I haven't kept up w/it, but Dominik (who made the package manager and a book to say the least) quitting a little over a year ago seems like it was a significant setback all on its own (which probably has made a major difference by now).

Though I also haven't really started yet (it certainly doesn't help lacking stuff, like Godot 4 bindings are still being worked on by 1 person) so maybe me dropping it is part of why I feel cynical. The last code I did (months ago, in September), load format example (I didn't really make a complete system, because technical hangups and no idea on resulting usage)

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