I’ve seen both The Symphony of the Goddess (Zelda) and Distant Worlds (Final Fantasy) live and both were excellent. This should be a treat for people who like this music

daredevil avatar

Came here to post because I've also seen The Symphony of the Goddess live. The poster for it is behind me at the moment. Great experience.


Considering the fact that my ringtone is an orchestral version of Legend of Zelda’s Over world theme, I may have to watch this.

Ultragramps, avatar

Agreed. My favorite orchestral rendition is from A Link to the Past, by Orchestre de Jeux, but I’m always looking for more.


It’s not a live orchestra, but I’m partial to Noble Demon’s cover of Dark World. Fair warning, it takes a bit to really get going.

tamlyn, (edited ) avatar

Big fan of orchestra music of video games. I really need to watch this…But i travel at that time to berlin for a nier concert 😅. Well i find time for it for sure

Quetzalcutlass, (edited )

Have you heard Rozen’s Nier stuff? That remix of Bipolar Nightmare is among my favorite video game music.

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