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Not knowing US constitutional law, it seems to me the SCOTUS decision might mean that the Dems missed an opportunity when they had the house

That it’s a federal matter seems legally predictable/natural to me, and that it then falls to congress to enforce then also seems natural.

What am I missing on that?

Otherwise, what would the Dems have had to lose by passing an act when they had the house? The 14th was right there.


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It's natural that disqualification under 14A should be a federal question, but it's nonsensical that SCOTUS would require Congress to enforce the Constitution. That was not predictable.

What the Dems did do when they had the House was impeach Trump for insurrection. If the Senate had done their job by convicting him, then, in the second phase of impeachment, he would have been barred for office for life. But, led by McConnell, they voted to let him be president again.


So let’s review. Congress has to impeach someone and the Senate dismiss them.

Congress can not impeach someone who is not holding a federal job.

Therefore any president who attempts to steal the election is immune to prosecution unless they run again later and get re-elected and therefore are now eligible to be impeached and dismissed?

What am I missing



Ok, since all i got was mocked, i guess i have to back up a bit.

Did anyone notice that the first two star wars had depth (carter) and the third was junk (reagan)? The first matrix (clinton) vs the next two (bush)?

How about bill cosby? He got reported to the fbi every year, but was useful for shaping the narrative. He blamed the Black community for its response to systemic persecution and justified white racism.


@jpaskaruk @poloniousmonk @politics Unfortunately, I don't think many readers have much patience for subtitles through which the philosophers engage the careful reader.


@jpaskaruk @poloniousmonk @politics That depends, I guess. From my understanding, though other Straussians would disagree, the city appears essential for Plato's desire to perfect the soul, which he further elucidates in the Laws. Some Straussians assume that the "city in speech" is impossible and can never come to fruition. I think Plato's Laws is a rebuttal to this notion.


Garland fucking is a POS coward... RESIGN! Special Counsel for Hunter but none for Jared Kushner and douchbag wife? Wtf? Pathetic


I can tell you have a nuanced and clearheaded view of the internal machinations of the Department of Dustice.

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On the other hand, this could be a novel way to restart the Trump-Ukraine blackmail investigation with no interference.


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