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▶ Exceptional Earth Sized Planet in the Habitable Zone Found 40 Light Years Away

#amazon #earth

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'How is this legal?': Amazon driver calls out company for faulty vans after hers died during 190-stop shift


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Ordered this converter off of Amazon. They'd replace it, but if'd have to pay to ship the broken adaptor back. Just not worth it.

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Amazon CEO's keys to success, Nvidia CEO's net worth, a banker stays home: Leadership news roundup

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▶ In 1937 This Star Became 600x Brighter and We May Finally Know Why


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▶ JWST Solves a Mystery of Why Some Puffy Planets Get So Big

#amazon #jwst

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are running an advert on for . A woman has increasing problems with her car and just chuckles somewhat insanely. Punch-line is that whilst it's all going wrong around her she's listening to something funny.

Amazon want you to think "hey it's lightening her mood".

What I'm actually thinking is that if she wasn't distracted by trivia she wouldn't shaft her car, drop her keys carelessly into an oily ditch, or stupidly leave her door open to the road to have it torn off.

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The #Amazon #Kuiper project prototype #satellites have been actively deorbited after what the company describes as "a 100% success rate across our key mission objectives".


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When Amazon Just Wipes Your Entire Device Ebook Library:

How to manage to scare away the most loyal customers.

#amazon #kindle

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My Favorite Amazon Deal of the Day: Samsung QN90C Series Smart TV

#amazon #tv

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"Amazon plans to give Alexa an AI overhaul — and a monthly subscription price"

Given that Amazon is going to start charging for the AI version of Alexa, I wonder if Apple has this same plan up its sleeve.

Maybe roll AI into the Apple One Premier bundle? Or add a tier, Apple One Ultra?

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My Favorite Amazon Deal of the Day: Blink Security Cameras

#amazon #security

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▶ New Clues About Bizarre Radio Bubbles Millions of Light Years Across

#amazon #bizarre

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5 Best Alexa Smart Speakers and Amazon Echo Devices, Explained


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Today's threads (a thread)

Inside: How finfluencers destroyed the housing and lives of thousands of people; and more!

Archived at:


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@pluralistic Amazon, as expected, says "Buy a Kindle or get the free Kindle reading app.":

Another impossibly twisted UI, or did they simply lie it will be DRM-free?

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.com voted against all 14 resolutions that asked the retailer to disclose more about its carbon emissions and its directors' donations, and to form a committee to oversee artificial-intelligence development, among other issues.

The company had asked to reject all of the outside proposals.

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Word is that #Amazon wants to charge $10-$20/month for an "AI Enhanced" version of Alexa. This would reportedly not be included in Amazon Prime. Unclear if they would keep the basic Alexa free. So ... how much would you be willing to pay a month for ANY version of Alexa or Google Home?

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Amazon Alexa's big AI upgrade could require a new subscription


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