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Google pulls Binance, other global crypto apps from India store

FIU, an Indian government agency that scrutinizes financial transactions, late last month issued show cause notices to nine crypto firms and alleged that they weren’t compliant with India’s anti-money laundering rules. Apple pulled the apps earlier this week and various telecom networks and internet service providers began blocking the URLs of the crypto exchange websites Thursday evening.


True true. You’re right there my friend.


India going to dictatorship like RuSSia when it comes to financial services, Forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, payment systems, P2P’s etc., “nice”.

There is many services that have license in offshores, so I think Indians will be fine.

melroy, avatar

I saw today the infamous pop-up of YouTube again that they will block the video player after 2 more videos if I keep using uBlock Origin. ** Google.

BombOmOm, avatar

After you run out, hit the embed button, then watch the video as normal.

vintprox, avatar

@melroy This is stupid YouTube... Anyway, if you're on the legs, try Grayjay for Android. 😉👍


"[GNU/]Linux being secure is a common misconception in the security and privacy realm."

"[GNU/]Linux is thought to be secure primarily because of its source model, popular usage in servers, small userbase and confusion about its security features. This article is intended to debunk these misunderstandings".

Based on this, one should try to do as much as possible on a GrapheneOS device


sir_reginald, avatar

privacy != security.

Try doing any serious work on a toy OS like Android, good luck.


Yes agree on that. Linux needs more standardization.

It is big problem, because it lacks the structure somehow. If there is easy tooling for app development, as Flatpaks with all the modern security practices (safe language, portals, modern GUI, Wayland, Accessibility APIs) then developers could easily follow these rules and create good apps more easily.

Currently app development is not easy and thus also very random.

abs0, avatar

Tired (if also dystopian): Having to provide encryption keys to the UK Government when it updates it's Investigatory Powers Act

Wired: Mandating that all encryption keys include the name of a UK Government minister, a description of a sex act, and at least one animal (or other UK Government minister)



This reminds me of Operation Dear Jack back when RIPA was a bill.

ParadeGrotesque, avatar

"Among other things, [the UK Government] want to be able to prevent companies from providing important security updates and ensure these powers would have a global effect." from @privacy

Excuse me, for just a moment, BUT WHAT THE ABSOLUTE F*ING F?? 🤣

Yeah, no. Not going to happen.

FrankauLux, avatar

@ParadeGrotesque @privacy

my point has nothing to do with either phone or computer. My point is that when a governement wants to pass a law that will reduce personnal freedom, there is very little you or me can do to prevent it. Examples abunds.
feel free to point me to counter-examples.

ParadeGrotesque, avatar


True, which is why organizations like @privacy exist, and why you should support them.

They do the research and the lobbying. That's worth your support.

ch0ccyra1n, avatar

New Update for @calyxos released a few days ago.

Make sure to update!



what's the difference between this and lineageos that doesn't come with any google apps?


@matcherock, It appears to use microG and some other security focused tools preloaded.

@calyxos @privacy @ch0ccyra1n

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