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Hey Seattle Transit Friends

Once again, there's corpo-political BS going on with light rail. Seems that under some Amazon influence, the ST board is aiming to go against their own staff recommendations for the CID station location. Apparently, Amazon is concerned about their drivers being slowed down by construction. Screw that!

Do the thing. Click the link and send the letter to tell them to do the right thing here.


#Seattle #Transit #ST3 #SoundTransit #lightrail

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Both the Seattle Times and KUOW are running big stories today about the just released Bumbershoot lineup. That’s cool, but Bumbershoot is months away.

This weekend is the Northwest Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center with tons of live music and arts available for your cultural enrichment. They don’t sell tickets but do ask for a donation on entry. Full schedule here:


I’m performing Sunday the 26th at 3pm at the Storm Welcome stage.

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50 years ago today, the & the wall of sound in , including one of their longest standalone jams. the 2nd of 3 shows with more than half of the forthcoming “from the mars hotel.” more wonderful photos by crew member richie pechner. spring ’74, show #5. https://archive.org/details/gd74-05-21.sbd.belkin.2597.sbefail.shnf [1/4]

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Just started to upload my images of the historic auroral display from May 10-11, 2024.
Captivating, once in a lifetime experience, specially at our latitude.

Prints, Frameable Greeting Cards, Mugs etc: https://ez-lorenz.pixels.com/featured/captivating-display-of-northern-lights-over-lake-sammamish-wa-ez-lorenz.html

#Seattle #Washington #PNW #Aurora #AuroraBorealis #NorthernLights #Nature #Reflection #Prints #WallArt #HomeDecor #GreetingCards #Puzzle #Giftideas #fedigiftshop #MastoArt #Photography

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Peters said many of her #students haven’t left the county that they grew up in prior to this trip.

“We have a lot of kids that get the free and reduced lunch [program]. It’s a high poverty area,” she said, adding that some have never dined in at a restaurant prior to this weekend.

Residents of #Hoquiam, #Washington, a community of 8,700 southwest of #Seattle, came together to raise the $45,000 needed to send the #MarchingBand to #VictoriaBC.


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SR 410 Chinook Pass is closed to traffic eastbound at milepost 57 near Crystal Mountain Boulevard, 12 miles west of the summit. Westbound traffic is closed at milepost 74.5 Morse Creek, 5 miles east of the summit. Clearing efforts are underway, but crews discovered two washouts both east and west of Chinook Pass summit. Repairs are in progress. No estimate for reopening, although crews typically reopen each year around Memorial Day. Updates will be provided as information is available.


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br00t4c, to Seattle
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Okay! New map! The attachment is the first representation of dataset 1.1, using a lot of dotted green lines (as per the Seattle map legend) to show non-bike-signed routes commonly used by people biking.

(It's not full resolution because Mastodon shrinks it.)

It also includes a couple of actual bike-supporting routes I missed in dataset 1.0, and a lot more dirt/loose gravel trails, particularly in unincorporated King County and on the northern Eastside. But there's bits of adds everywhere.

The dotted green is experimental. Feedback is definitely requested.

Full resolution is at Github, select the map labelled "EXPERIMENTAL":


moira, (edited ) to cycling
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Thinking of adapting Seattle map's "faint green dashes" for "unmarked but regularly used by bicycle riders." It'll mostly be useful in unincorporated King County areas of the map.

I've used it here on Bear Creek, NE 132nd, NE 133rd, as a test.

Basically I want them to be much less visible, but still findable, much like the Seattle map does. And continuing their legend on this strikes me as better than making up something else completely different.


#BikeTooter #BikeMap #KingCounty #Seattle #Eastside

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Tomorrow's the day! Thank you to everyone who has helped me surpass my fundraising goal for Beat the Bridge, to benefit type 1 diabetes research.

If you'd still like to chip in, follow the link below. #Seattle #t1d

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Landed successfully in 😇

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It was a dream to work at Wizards of the Coast when I first moved to . And I wasn’t even hardcore into Magic … beyond buying a bunch of cards on eBay. I applied for so many jobs but never got an interview. Great interview with Richard Garfield.

From: @CultureDesk

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area friends, do you love plants?

Along with my two other friends, I'm hosting a West Seattle Pop-Up Plant Sale on the Sunday (5/26) of Memorial Day Weekend! Stop by from 10am-2pm to snag indoor and outdoor plants. Lots of parking, near transit, and around the corner from the West Seattle Farmer's Market.

See you there!

Painted Lady Philodendron
Purple African Violet
Misc veggie seedlings

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hype in the pipe for this mutual aid fair at cal andy this saturday!!!!!

as always, if ya see me feel free to say hi lol

vantablack, to Seattle
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hype in the pipe for this rave at freeway park this saturday!!! if ya see me there feel free to say hi lol 😁

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New video from prolific High Speed Rail Youtuber "Lucid Stew" about Cascadia High Speed rail, which sketches out the details of a new hypothetical route between Eugene and Vancouver, BC. What do you think of this route?


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To the lovely gentleman who just leaned out of his car window to call me the f-slur: I hope you have a wonderful day.

You don’t deserve it, but I hope you have it anyway.

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Seahawks QB Geno Smith Labeled Overpaid QB: 'He's a Top-End Backup'

#seattle #smith


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continues to grow, adding nearly 6,000 residents between July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2023, according to new estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. https://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2024/subcounty-population-estimates.html

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o noes the street fell over and became a streeterfall

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If you find yourself in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area this weekend and you're interested in cool plants, come to Blue Poppy Day at the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden. Meconopsis 'lingholm', the Himalayan blue poppy, is renowned for its incredible color--and is famously difficult to grow. This place has just the right conditions, and they have thousands! They also have hundreds of species of rhodies in bloom.

A Himalayan blue poppy a flower with paper like petals which are sky blue in color, and a yellow center. Photo courtesy Rhododendron Soecies Botanical Garden.
A Himalayan blue poppy a flower with paper like petals which are sky blue in color, and a yellow center. Photo courtesy Rhododendron Soecies Botanical Garden.

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