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Microsoft's Phi-3 shows the surprising power of small, locally run AI language models

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Microsoft is adding new “recommendations” to your Start Menu. Basically, we’re getting more ads in Windows 11. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to disable this new “feature” in your settings.

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has listed 's Windows Print Spooler Privilege Escalation Vulnerability, CVE-2022-38028 @cisacyber

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Windows has long not been a sensible choice for advertising, museum or other displays... excellent example attached. Why can't they just leave machines alone or show something small and nonintrusive.

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Not a new issue, but this appears to be an update, sorta.

DRM Hack Could Allow Movie Downloads From Popular Streaming Services @SecurityWeek @ekovacs

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Microsoft Exec Says AI Is 'a New Kind of Digital Species'

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Was it really just trained on children's books or was it more sinister than that?

launches Phi-3, its smallest model yet @verge

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Terrific read on the birth of the PC operating system, and the three way deal between IBM, DRI (the CP/M company), and an up and coming Bill Gates.

Can you guess who came out on top?

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We certainly kissed the DOS prompt goodbye... but we installed Linux and used POSIX shells instead...

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#Microsoft ist eine Gefahr für die nationale Sicherheit. Das Unternehmen hat die öffentliche Verwaltung faktisch eingeschlossen und deshalb wenig Interesse, irgendetwas zu ändern.


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#Microsoft​s mangelnde Transparenz in Bezug auf die aktive Schwachstelle ist besorgniserregend.

Ein weiterer Fall, in dem der Monopolist den Verdacht aufkommen lässt, dass er entweder keine Ahnung von IT-Sicherheit hat oder einfach "Too Big to Care" ist.


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AI is 'a new kind of digital species,' Microsoft AI chief says

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Windows vulnerability reported by the NSA exploited to install Russian backdoor

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Kremlin-backed hackers exploit critical Windows vulnerability reported by the NSA

Microsoft didn't disclose the in-the-wild exploits by Kremlin-backed group until now.

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@arstechnica Well don't use products. It is as easy as that...
Btw and of course no products.

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