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Senior Product Engineer, working in Ruby and Rails. Passionate about idea generation, creativity, and programming.

I curate the Short Ruby Newsletter

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👉 Senior Back-End Dev. Seeking Remote Position 👈

Autodidactic, Autistic, ADHD, Trans, and Geeky Programmer.

Queer friend of Camellia Sinensis.

If you want to hear my ramblings about Tabletop Role Playing Games check out my other account: avatar


#Ruby Growth Software Craftswoman | Admin at | Impulso Expert | she/ela | Made in Goiás | PT-BR or EN toots | Abra seu CNPJ: | avatar


Independent Mac/iOS & web developer. Building useless random stuff in Swift, Ruby or JavaScript and wasting time. Currently also learning Rust 🦀 I'm mostly hanging out on Bluesky these days and hacking things on the AT Protocol, so follow me there 😎 🐦 @kuba_suder 🦋 avatar


Maintainer of chruby, ruby-install, bundler-audit, digest-crc, spidr, ronin, and more on GitHub! avatar


I coined the term “Mac Assed Mac App”.

A software developer from Portland Oregon. I’ve been writing iOS and Mac apps since 2008 and Ruby since 2021.

📱 #Swift (iOS and Mac).
🚂 #Ruby (and Rails)

Cohost of the #RooftopRuby podcast. Friend of DeSoto.


Tropical.rb 2024 | The Latam Rails Conference avatar


Ruby developer and cofounder of @honeybadger 🧡

Self-funded and profitable for 11 years. I write mostly about business and software here! See my alt for everything else.


Also made avatar


Executive Director of Ruby developer and consultant. Parent of an autistic kid. Leave trans people alone. Bicycles are antidepressants. If you made a thing, I’ll probably promote it. (he/him) avatar


Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

Innovator & Entrepreneur in Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computing & Big Data. Avid SCUBA diver, Open-source developer, HAM radio operator, astrophotographer, and anything nerdy.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, USA, currently living in Utrecht, Netherlands, USA, and Thailand. Was also living in Israel, but left.

Pronouns: Sir / Mister

(Above pronouns are not intended to mock, i will respect any persons pronouns and only wish pronouns to show respect be used with me as well. These are called neopronouns, see an example of the word "frog" used as a neopronoun here: )

A proud member of the Penobscot Native American tribe, as well as a Mayflower passenger descendant. I sometimes post about my genealogical history.

My stance on various issues:

Education: Free to PhD, tax paid
Abortion: Protected, tax paid, limited time-frame
Welfare: Yes, no one should starve
UBI: No, use welfare
Racism: is real
Guns: Shall not be infringed
LGBT+/minorities: Support
Pronouns: Will respect
Trump: Moron, evil
Biden: Senile, racist
Police: ACAB
Drugs: Fully legal, no prescriptions needed

GPG/PGP Fingerprint: 8B23 64CD 2403 6DCB 7531 01D0 052D DA8E 0506 CBCE avatar


Sr. Software Engineer at GitHub | Licensing Team

Dad of two | Disability advocate | Open source contributor

Music: Punk Rock | Screamo
Pronouns: He/Him
#ruby #rails #javascript #node #reactjs #sass avatar


Author, software maker, RC airplane flyer, strung instrument player, bibliophile, runner, gamer, metalhead🤘.


Ruby Central is a non-profit organization supporting the Ruby community since 2001. Follow along as we plan the upcoming conferences avatar


Developer of indie macOS apps. The Archive, WordCounter, TableFlip, Move!

Using #Xcode to write #Swift and sometimes #SwiftUI apps for #iOS and #Mac.

OG #Zettelkasten zealot.
Local #urbansketchers group founder.

#Bielefeld (Germany)



Mostly posts about gummi bears, space probes, and Ruby.

OSS contributor, maintaining Nokogiri, SQLite3, Rails::Html::Sanitizer, Mechanize, and more in the Ruby ecosystem.

Former Shopify, VMware, Pivotal, Bloomberg, various startups. avatar


Software Developer | writing long-lived maintainable code i won't hate | 💻 🎻 🐶 | he/him/his | #MiamiTech since '88 for you SUCKAS

@camdotbio on the bird site avatar


Rubyist. Dedicated OSS contributor. Core team at Hanami, dry-rb, ROM. Principal Engineer at Buildkite. I love programming!
Canberra, Australia. he/him.

#ruby #hanami #dry_rb #rom_rb avatar


Hello, I'm Nebyoolae/Michael! Coder, musician, gamer. These crafts commonly coincide.


A next-generation, progressive site generator & fullstack framework, powered by Ruby.


Full-stack #Ruby / #Rails / #TypeScript / #CSS engineer, CEO of #HTMX, formerly at Clearscope and Shopify — author and maintainer of the gems #Phlex, Morphlex, Literal, Quickdraw — cohost the podcast. avatar


Linux Sys Admin, Gentoo user, PostgreSQL advocate, Android fanboi, OSS supporter, PlayStation gamer.
Founder of @pgcmh avatar


Simply the best podcasts for developers


As a trainer, coach and mentor, I help engineering teams of one to ten deliver results faster, better and more reliably. avatar


Do you use your powers for good or for awesome?

Senior #DevOps Engineer at a major research institution (views/opinions my own) and a severe #Linux and #opensource enthusiast. Also into #retrocomputing, #fountainpens, #Volkswagen, #music, and #cooking. #fedi22

Hoosier currently living in California.



Techie, #scifi writer (

Live in Croydon, London, UK. Originally from Norway.

#sf #sff #sciencefiction #books #author #science #space #linux


Anti-authoritarian, left-wing, allergic to bigots. Breakthrough Party

(This account is strictly personal/for my writing; nothing I publish here is on behalf of my employer at my day job.)


formerly known as @largo on the birdapp
Miyazaki, Japan.

Looking for remote work :D!


Swedish web developer in #Yorkshire, #UK.
I enjoy #Ruby (gasp!), #ElixirLang, #Vim, #Obsidian and #HomeAutomation. avatar


Tech Princess 👸🏻 Feminist Politicker 💁🏻‍♀️ Fashionable Woman 💋 Tooling Witch 🛠
🚀 Founder of
Pro-Unions 💪🏻 Trans & Queer 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

I currently work on Moderation and Trust & Safety tooling for the Fediverse.

Contributor to Mastodon & other projects. You've probably used code I’ve written.

Berliner on New York time.

Advisor to IFTAS (


Senior Engineer @ Podia (#ruby #RubyOnRails #rails)
Not from Oklahoma avatar


dev at ❤️. engineering manager. Italian, English, sometime German. Me👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼anxiety. proud MC @euruko , @rubyoniceconf , @balkanruby , @rubydayit . stay human.


The main annual gathering of Rubyists from around the world since 2001. Brought to you by avatar


Member of | 👨‍💻 Senior Engineering Tech Lead at | ✉️ nurkiewicz (at gmail) | Podcaster: 🔊 avatar


Developer/Tech lead
Happiest when deleting code
Works to pay for Disney trips Has #MultipleSclerosis, which I will often grumble about. Learning Irish - tá cúpla focal agam! he/him/them please


Product Engineer, Senior Ruby Developer | Co-creator of Ideatify | Curator of
| Always looking on the bright side


Fresh IT news from a variety of sources. Public service by @emanuel avatar


I love to automate computers. And play video games. Anyone seen a 🐧 around here?
Staff DevOps Engineer, aka an computer ArchWizard. avatar


Hello, I’m Denis (he/him). I’m based in Berlin, Germany. I write weeknotes at

The only good fascist is a dead fascist.
Free Palestine.


A podcast about #Ruby, software development, and more by @collin and avatar


🔞 Minors, please DNI

Any statements are my own, not my employer's

Archmage of Infrastructure, NixOS nephlemancer, kastermakfa, acquirer of S-tier waifus, one of six #pluralgang


zi ya-so /zi ja.soʊ/ avatar


Currently at #EMFCamp!

Miriscient, polyamorous, and ever-learning. He/him. Send me stuff I can get excited about with you! avatar


#Backend engineer, #PHP & #Laravel tinkerer, #BotMaker

I like #openData #science #urbanism #bikes and other weird things.

ES 🌎

#GoodBots #BotsGüenos


CTO at Savings United. Contributor and maintainer of various Free and #OpenSource #Software projects. #foss #devops #tech #webdev #programming #rubyonrails #privacy #fedi22


Improving Ruby tooling @Shopify’s Ruby DX Team

IRB & sentry-ruby maintainer


Staff Engineer at Chime, and the co-author of Programming Ruby and the author of Modern Front End Development for Rails.

Also on Bluesky as and Threads as noelrap avatar


I like: #linux #vim #ocaml #racket #clojure #malamute #zen #camping

Aspiring long distance #runner avatar


Software stuff. Aspiring game developer.


A hearty hello from #Portland & the Pacific Northwest! 🌲 I'm a b/v+logger, podcaster, #Ruby & #WebDev-eloper, photographer, and musician.

I work on, a Ruby web framework. I also talk about ethics in content creation and activism against unregulated generative AI. Nice to meet you! #fedi22


Father, Developer of People, Rails, Ruby, Terraform and K8S avatar


I'm here to learn about the world and work through my climate grief.

I post about politics, climate change, economics, philosophy, being a father, programming, games, and more. avatar


Bullish on kindness.
Founder of Spicy Lobster studios and Commune.

Formerly VP of Community / Product Manager at Discourse.

#opensource #fediverse #gamedev #fedi22 searchable

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