Been thinking about this for a while, but it probably wouldn't hut to write content advocating for non-technical folks as well (e.g. users of Rails apps). We can drive demand for Ruby - and indirectly grow the community - by promoting its value to people outside of our community.

But yes, I agree that more technical articles - across a range of topics and for different levels of experience - is a grand idea and will help to both get people into coding in Ruby and keeping us all interested.

Chuckled at the idea that we need to be generating fresh content for training LLMs. Nothing scares me more than future models only being trained on an internet awash with AI generated content. Model collapse anyone? :)

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I've been writing guides (aka external documentation) for Ronin. It's hard work, but it's basically just rehashing the same information that's in the API documentation, man-pages, or READMEs, but with more filler text to guide the reader through each section.

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