wood, avatar

Who wants to join my secret Honeybadger Discord?

Things we could chat about there:

  • DevOps, monitoring, observability
  • Indie SaaS and marketing
  • Junior devs/early career
  • General goofing off

Reply and I'll send you an invite.

danhulton, avatar

@wood Oh, I know all about General Goofing Off, that better be a channel, cuz I'll basically live there.

gd, avatar

Instead of DoH, how about anything over DNS? 😎

I've been playing with dnscat2 this evening. I got it working but it's kind of chunky and dies sometimes.

#ruby #exfil

penryu, avatar

@gd Wasn't there some kind of tunnel-over-dns stuff like 15-20 years ago, back when WAP portals required auth but DNS still worked?

FWIW, it was probably even worse than what you're describing.

penryu, avatar
nirnaeth, avatar

ruby drama on stage with Cristian Pianas and Anatoly Mikhaylov. @tenderlove most famous pictures made it to the presentation as the epitome of the cool ruby developer. well deserved!

nirnaeth, avatar

next speaker up, the creator of the Short Ruby newsletter, a teacher and mentor, a polymorphic software engineer as he calls himself: @lucianghinda Lucian Ghinda at Ruby Day!

alessandrofazzi, avatar

@nirnaeth was a pleasure to attend to @lucianghinda ‘s talk. Thank you very much 🙏

nirnaeth, avatar

@alessandrofazzi thank you for coming!! @lucianghinda

vyr, avatar

the logo looks like a tentacle to everyone, right? not just me?

jonny, avatar

Ya I thought thats just what it was? Rails dont have little sucker cups

alda, avatar

@vyr I've always assumed it to be a ballistic rocket trajectory.

djbender, avatar

I've been job hunting full time for 2 weeks now. It's exhausting! If you know of any place looking for a Senior/Staff Software Engineer, I have 15 years experience working with Ruby, Rails, and Javascript. More recently the Node.js stuff has been in React. I'm also interested in Rust, Go, and Elixir. Any leads are appreciated!!

erlend, avatar

Any dev out there willing to do a simple plugin for ?

A handful of indie devs are pitching in with working examples of FedCM, an important new identity standard with direct implications for the :

The developer of has implemented FedCM on his end, but he needs the help of a Discourse plugin developer to test the complete login pipeline with his own community forum.

cc @Discourse


@thisismissem @angusmcleod neat! anything i can do to help?

thisismissem, avatar

@goto @angusmcleod not right now 🙂

hsbt, avatar

Unfortunately, is dead again this year.


kalleboo, avatar

@hsbt @andi First, has to die

ntha, avatar

@kalleboo @hsbt @andi is also as dead as can be


esparta, avatar

A little late but we are in the May 2024 SF Bay Area Ruby Meetup @

The room is packed!!

First Kayla Reopelle with and , a great intro!!

camertron, avatar

@esparta 👋

amirrajan, avatar

Dream big, start small, KIFASS. Grab your free license of DragonRuby Game Toolkit and ship a game dammit.

tosbourn, avatar

If I had a two pence piece for every time @andycroll's One Ruby Thing acted as my second brain, I'd be able to spend all day in a Brighton arcade on the 2p machines.


@tosbourn @andycroll There are 2p machines in Brighton?

tosbourn, avatar

@stevehill @andycroll unless inflation has got to them I thought they were a staple of all UK beach arcades!

adarsh, avatar

Hello #SFBA #Ruby Fam:

The next #meetup is this Thursday at New Relic. I will be away at #RubyKaigi but I'm so thrilled to see the new organizers making this happen monthly! We already have host companies offering space for the future events.

wood, avatar

This year, @rubycentral announced that 2025 will be the last @railsconf. While I’m sad to lose a favorite Ruby conference, it’s for the best. The Ruby Central team will be able to focus on their core mission: supporting the Ruby language.

#Ruby #RubyOnRails #RailsConf

Schneems, avatar

Ever find a tutorial that was broken is some subtle but deeply fundamental way?

Ever WRITE a tutorial that was broken in some subtle but deeply fundmental way?

I just released RunDOC 2.0. A tool for writing tutorials that run and embed the results into a markdown document. Check it out

Schneems, avatar

Want an example? I used rundoc for this CNB tutorial

All of the output in the tutorial is REAL output.

mackuba, avatar

Current status: I opened about 100 links to articles and threads from Google results comparing , and and I'm planning to read them 🫠

(no, I'm not really considering Go, mostly just trying to convince myself that I'm not making a mistake starting to learn Rust and not Go 🦀😛)

mackuba, avatar

@alexanderadam @CrystalLanguage Yeah, I've mostly ruled out Go from the beginning, I was just checking it out out of curiosity because the folks at Bluesky are using it for some more performance-critical server stuff (vs. Node/TypeScript that other stuff is written in).

(But I've just seen someone from the team post yesterday that it was using a lot of memory and spending most of the time on GC…)

mackuba, avatar

@alexanderadam @CrystalLanguage I guess… I was already thinking about building a couple of pieces independently in Ruby and Rust and compare the performance on something larger than one function… I suppose I could try to throw in Crystal to the mix too 😅

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