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Spears taken by Captain Cook at Botany Bay returned to traditional owners after more than 250 years

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Recognizing contributors matters!

The other day i ran into a bug in our stravalib docs with #python pydantic autodoc and the newest version of sphinx. i contributed to an issue here: noting what i did to patch around it and what versions it seemed to be impacted on.

i was then added as a bug contributor. i always do this for others but never knew how it felt to be added. I felt like my input was valuable! it felt really good. #opensource #community #openscience

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Recommend me some good ways to encourage a community to post content they like, instead of complaining about content they don't like.

#community #kbin #fediverse #mastodon

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The Family #Photographs That Helped Us Investigate How a University Displaced a #Black Community

A longtime resident of the Shoe Lane area in #Virginia chronicled the life of his community as it was demolished by Christopher Newport University.

His photographs helped a reporter seek #accountability.

#News #Richmond #Race #RealEstate #Property #Community #Education

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Sanctions Against Russia: The Coalition Can Do Better - for Ukraine and Global Order

#community #russia

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The little library down the street which already features books and crafts, has been expanded to include seeds 🤩

Looking forward to adding to the collection!

Also, a PSA for locals, the Petaluma Regional Library already has a seed library 🌱

#SolarPunk #Libraries #Community #Gardening #Petaluma #SonomaCounty #SFBA

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We hope everyone who was there had a fun time at JCon! This week we'll be featuring Winter's Heart, book 9 of The Wheel of Time!

What did you think of the book?
While containing one of the most pivotal moments of the series it is considered to be part of "The Slog"

#AesSedai #BrandonSanderson #Community #Fandom #Fansite #Fantasy #FantasyBooks #RobertJordan #TarValon #TarValonNet #TheWheelOfTime #TheWhiteTower #TootersOfTime #WheelOfTime #WheelOfTimeSeries #WoT #WoTOnPrime

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PM has confidence in Met chief after protest row


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Stronger Together 💪🏾

📣Check out this inspiring video featuring my new “ #Nature ‘s Gym: Walk and #Fitness group"! See people of all ages and abilities conquer the Fitness Court in Malden with bodyweight exercises, then enjoy a refreshing 2-mile walk! 👟

📌Fun Fact: The American Heart Association recommends 150-600 minutes of #exercise per week to boost your lifespan!🫀

😅We're all about building a healthy #community through laughter, smiles, and connection. Join us for the next session in May!


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This week's In-Process is out! Featuring the latest on NVDA 2024.1, add-on updates, the Microsoft FOSS Fund, Philanthropy Australia awards, an Interview with our GTO Gerald, and more! All available now at:

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When Risako Uegaki learned that Tora was found to have late-stage cancer, she put up her hand to adopt. #community #ourlives #catsforadoption

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The Aes Sedai, both in the third age and the Age of Legends, believe that to pick apart a weave is impossible and should not be attempted. However, the Wise Ones have mastered this.
Throughout the series we see this a lot, different cultures having different skills. What’s your favorite skill that’s associated with a specific group of Channelers?
For me it has to be the Wise Ones channeling without gesturing.

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Hackathon 15+16 Jun 2024

some news about tickets, what to bring, and how team members collaborate

new blogpost

#bclh24 #goadsg #software #developers #london #tech #community #hackathon #collaboration #laptops

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“I was a really shy kind of person before drag,” says Audrey Gene Ileto, who performs as Auja Vougsh. “One day at a party, we just spontaneously decided to do drag and post it on Facebook." #community #ourlives #pride #tokyo #lgbtq

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Death of aid worker 'left massive void', friends say

#community #death

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Solution to the Child Care ? It's Closer Than You Think >>>

"We have this entire system that is just built on the backs of went on for years, and now we gotta fix it."

Q: "What do you say to people who say the state [] can't afford this ?"

A: " already can't afford it."

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Yeah this happened today! In the last week we acquired around 200+ new members with great profiles and even better diversified . Welcome to our and thanks @wbbdaily for creating this. I am so delighted to see this group grow so fast.

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Yeah this happened today! In the last week we acquired around 200+ new members with great @flipboard profiles and even better diversified #content. Welcome to our #FlipboardUserGroup and thanks @wbbdaily for creating this. I am so delighted to see this group grow so fast. #flipboardmagazines #community #flipboardcommunity

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Looking for a donation of a pair of 2.5" 1-2T #sas #harddrives for a #community #server project! Hit me up if you've got some used but functional old drives taking up space!

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