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Today marks the end of Scavengers Reign on Max.
(no, we don't know if there will be another season, but I have no confidence in Warner. And maybe it's just not necessary.)

This show has already joined my sci-fi pantheon, so I'm counting on the finale to confirm my enthusiasm. 🤞



@TheSpaceshipper when will it be available outside of the US? I can't wait to watch the show but I'm totally unable to!

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@ori_mew In some countries where thnere is HBO Max, it's available. but not all lol


@TheSpaceshipper That sucks! We exclusively paid HBO Max to watch the show and were so disappointed to find out it was not available in our country (Spain).I really hope there'll be somewhere to watch it soon...

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@ori_mew It's so dumb.

MishaVanMollusq, avatar

@TheSpaceshipper finished another episode last night the one where she and her robot get trapped in a stampeding herd of Hoot Beasts


@TheSpaceshipper This show is way better than I ever expected it to be. Looking forward to finishing it tonight.

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