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It's down near the end of the article, for those who want to get right to it:

There was a scene with Kirk on the bridge of the Bird of Prey. They cut out five lines where Kirk says to Saavik, 'Have you told him yet?' And she says, 'No. I'm taking a maternity leave.'

That would've been a bombshell development in Trekland. "That's why she's standing with Amanda [Grayson, Spock's human mother] when the Bird of Prey leaves," said Meerson. "Because Amanda knows Saavik is carrying Spock's kid. All they did was cut out five lines of dialogue, and you lost that whole thing."

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But then they’ll miss the really weird stuff about Eddie Murphy

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True. But headlines like this that tease some specific fact that could easily be fit into the lead for those who are interested in that specific fact and instead bury it deep in the article inherently annoy me.

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