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Enrica "Ricki" Soma with her daughter ⚘️🖤 , photographed by Philippe Halsman, 1946 ✨ just look at those strong features!! Angelica was born to play 🦇

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I wasn't planning to do any solar imaging yesterday, but I changed my mind once I saw what the sunspots were up to! That large sunspot region is cranking out solar flares at an impressive rate. Hopefully I'll get another chance to image on a clearer day before they disappear around the side.


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waaa :waluigi: get ready for some very prominent this year between the and a new appearing in the sky! :angry_laugh:

Let's hope it's a good omen this time!

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It was not a good day for solar imaging, but I pointed my scope (with solar filter, of course) at the sun and waited for a break in the clouds. I finally got a bit of one and captured 2000 frames of video. Normally, I tell the software to pick the top 25%, but that stack had weird artifacts. Lowering to 5% produced a really nice image, which might be my favorite yet.


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From the series In The , a at the last stage of its life, shedding its outer layer.

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🌱 Artist: in City: USA 🇺🇸 2024 - Title:
🔴 "Nadine and the Wishing Star." 🌟
🟡 "Nadine und der Wünsche-Stern"

Fans Are Sharing The Most Frustrating Scenes In All Of 'Star Wars' (

Star Wars is a beloved franchise that has delighted fans for decades, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. However, sometimes things you love can have flaws. In this case, MAJOR flaws, frustratingly major flaws. Fans are sharing which scenes in the Star Wars movies they find...

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When a like our reaches the end of its life, it can ingest the surrounding and that were born with it. Now, using the 's ('s ) in Chile, have found a unique signature of this process for the first time—a scar imprinted on the surface of a .

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A white star with four curled points, a hole in the centre, and a dot pattern on the flat top. Originally posted to Instagram on 26th April 2016. Watermarks have been added where previously there were none.

Posting for Archive.

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Can data science help decode 3,100-year-old “Ramesside star clocks”?

Ancient Egyptian astronomical texts are difficult to interpret. Computer modeling might help.

#astronomy #datascience #ancientegypt #Ramesside #star #clocks #map #starmap #time #timekeeping #nightsky #orion #sirius #historyofscience #archeology #temples #tombs #sarcophagus #astrodon #research #STEM

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It is again - here is a with shaped gaps

Netflix Saves Star Trek: Prodigy From Cancellation (

Sci-fi fans of all ages were devastated when Paramount+ canceled Star Trek: Prodigy in the summer of 2023, but now the series is back with an unexpected new home. Netflix secured a deal to stream the show after it was dropped from Paramount+, with the chance to produce new episodes if it did well. According to a report by The...

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