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At my age you just get used to TV execs cancelling every good show way too early. Only shit is allowed to survive.


Six seasons and a movie 🙏


I’m still salty about Firefly even though it’s been so long since it was cancelled that I’ve grown and raised a literal human being


Also, Revolution. Canceled at the exact moment it was getting insanely good with their big reveal. sigh…


The Original 4400 got cancelled on a cliffhanger. I refuse to watch the reboot


I love Trek but I haven’t watched Picard or anything in the last ten years because it’s not available.

I also have no interest in download a dozen apps to watch shit, and no interest in paying for individual channels.

Paramount/CBS keeps Trek viewership down by keeping their content walled off.


VPN to country where its available hasnt let me down so far.


I tried to watch Lower Decks that way (on Prime) but it detected the VPN and didn’t let me. 😭


Ahh I have never used it with Amazon, that one is less surprising because of how hard they blow




Yarr, her head full of goo.

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Yarr and Data, the morning after.


buy the discs to show Paramount you’re interested?


I love Star Trek Lower Decks but it's really clear lately that the assholes at the top (of all profit oriented entertainment megacorps) don't give a shit what the users want. Only a new user is important as that increases cash flow, the idiots who are already paying are at their whims.

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If they get rid of lower decks and don’t give us legacy imma scream


Star Trek is the only reason I’m paying for Paramount+.

If Lower Decks and/or SNW go, I go.

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Exactly! ✊


Maybe if they did not pull it from the service I am paying for in order to try and make me pay for yet another service this would not be a problem. But, no, corporate greed dictates that I must pay for 100 different streaming platforms to watch the one show on each one.

I am sick of this…


Same. I won’t watch the season until I complete my streaming service rotation…

I rotate them like quarterly.


I also rotate them quarterly, but since Paramount’s app has like 14 tracker libraries, it’s not part of my quarterly rotation.


Same here, I was there day one watching legally when it was on Amazon, then they pulled the rug out from under me at the last moment, so now it gets torrented. Sorry Mike, blame your managers mate.


To the room full of millionaires out there who think I’ll spend $14.99/month indefinitely on their shitty platform to watch a better than average Star Trek show:

Ahoy matey.


To those complaining about streaming services, I’ve been using free alternative streaming websites for years and haven’t had an issue.


Right, but isn’t that what also causes these shows getting cancelled? You watching it on a non legit platform means you didn’t watch it at all


True, but if you’re not going to subscribe regardless then why not?

Arrakis, (edited )

This interaction reminds me of an Always Sunny episode. The gang are mad because their favourite movie franchise sold out and got bad, so the whole episode is about them complaining with the movie execs about how the changes made to the movie (to attract different audiences in order to try to make the franchise profitable again) all suck, and what they should be doing differently. But the punchline of the episode is they have all along been streaming the movie series and not paying to watch it, so they are part of the problem.

Never expected to see it played out IRL though, and the fact you’re being downvoted makes it all a bit less funny…

E: and now me :D maybe the dissenters would like to enlighten us as to how piracy doesn’t affect capitalism?


Most people don’t want to be pirates they just don’t want to pay for an inferior service. You want people to pay then make a product worth paying for that’s prorated by country, and they gladly will.

As an example of just how bad it is, pirate streaming sites have sort by date, country, IMDb score, genre, etc. but most paid services don’t have any sort feature beyond genre. This effectively makes paid services unusable for a lot of people.


No, because the market has become so fragmented, no streaming services are profitable, so there’s no show on one that will ever last. Average shows last on TV channels because of ads. A medium performing TV show can last forever on TV with ads. A medium performing TV show on a streaming service gets canceled after a couple seasons to transition resources to a new show. They’re looking for that next big flashy thing to draw subscriptions.

In the current broken system, the only options are to continually churn shows, or push ads on streaming services. Both are happening.

So, if you pirate a TV show today, you aren’t killing it, and you aren’t part of the problem. Paying for the service won’t keep the show around, and not paying for it won’t kill it either. The show is already dead, you’re just not forking over your hard earned cash for a bite at its dead corpse.


First off, I want very much for Lower Decks and Prodigy to continue.

That said, I would love to see Paramount+ crash and burn to the fucking ground, taking all the execs and bean counters down with it. Same with HBO Max, or Plus, or Minus, or whatever the fuck they rebranded to this week. Let them ALL fail and be sold for pennies on the dollar so that someone with half a brain can pick up the pieces.


This is one tangible draw back to being on the fediverse instead of mainstream social media - no one at companies are going to be watching or considering engagement here. So if it sort of locks us out of fan noise. I guess keep streaming it

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Paramount couldn't be dumb enough to cancel its best Star Trek series, could it?

(Remembers that someone at Paramount gave us six seasons of Two Broke Girls)




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Remember that stretch of a dozen years or so during which Paramount cancelled every Trek TV series?


Get them to stop making their own damn streaming platforms, pick one or two and just live with those.

I want to see lower decks, but I'm not paying for yet another streaming platform to do so.


This is the literal only reason I haven’t tuned in. I’m not signing up and keeping track of yet another streaming service, especially one that’s only has one thing I want to watch. This show is the only one I’m actually missing right now.

I will say, I’ve been getting a lot more useful things done once I started cancelling streaming services that I hadn’t watched anything on in months.


The seven seas welcome ye matey


When I clear a few time-sensitive projects, a Jellyfin deep dive is probably in the works.


Yeah, that’s the irritating thing about P+, they think they’re worth the same as D+ a month with only one big franchise to their name. D+ brought together Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Fox content before launching.


They can have as many platforms as they like, we don’t want monopolies, duopolies or such, they just have to license out their works to others!


That’s a fair point. The issue is cost, then. If all of the services were 90% cheaper, I think we’d be okay with that.


I tend to agree here. But it has been interesting watching the proliferation of streaming services and trying to figure out what’s gonna happen next.

Like Netflix was a big first-mover, then everyone realized they could keep more money if they built their own streaming service, then everyone realized that building and running a streaming service is expensive and complicated, then everyone had to get onto the Original Content treadmill to try to keep folks subscribed which has led to somehow even more commodification of art, and now that running at a loss and pouring cash into original content to bump up numbers has gotten too expensive some services are pricing themselves out of the market.

I’m fascinated to see what the next big move is for these businesses. With more and more people starting to choose month to month which one or two services to subscribe to rather than keeping them all, I wonder if we’re gonna continue seeing the return of ad-supported plans or some services only offering yearly contracts or what the next move will be in pursuit of endless growth.


I’m fascinated to see what the next big move is for these businesses

They’re going to instill contracts just like cable companies did. Wanna watch XYZ show? Just sign this 2 year contract for noname streaming service!

People switching from service to service will not be tolerated for long. They must always extract more and more profit for their shareholders.


Lower Decks is amazing, and Strange New Worlds is also amazing. They did a crossover episode that was amazing.

I refuse to pay for Paramount on a consistent basis, and it’s frustrating canceling and resubscribing anytime a new show comes out.

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How about they cancel Disco, Picard, and SNW and what ever weak shit they’ve put out the past few years and keep the only good Trek show they have?

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Strange New Worlds… weak shit?! I don’t think we’ve been watching the same show 😂



Please keep in mind that not everyone on other Fediverse instances have access to the one you're linking to. The same article can be accessed publically by any visitor at this URL:

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I’m not linking to an instance, I’m linking to a Star Trek fan site. I’m not sure what I did wrong?



You did nothing wrong; I tried to visit the link you posted initially (which is on the instance; I am on the instance) and was instructed that I needed to log in to that instance to access the thread wherein the article was hotlinked out of.

For whatever reason the second time I did so I was able to enter the thread you linked to and could visit the Trekmovie site it linked out to. I don't believe there was remotely any malfeasance on your part, only that on my initial attempt to use the link I couldn't access it.

Klanky, avatar

Weird, I didn’t link to my instance or a thread on my instance at all. From what I can see I posted the exact same link that you did - direct to Not sure what is going on.

Anyone else having this issue?


URL worked for me


@Klanky I believe you, and I think my initial and firmer tone was perhaps uncalled for; I apologize for that.

I should mention that you are also posting from the '' instance; I am not familiar with the bulk of cross-instance posting mechanics but it may simply be an unusual, if unfortunate abstraction of behaviour in how posting works and links behave on the original post's instance and Fediverse instances other than that.

Klanky, avatar

No problem! I’m more curious what is going on. I did create the post while viewing the Star Trek instance from my instance. Like you said, it might be a quirk of the Fediverse.


Every time I think i finally understand the fediverse, i encounter a thread like this and realize i don’t know shit lol

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They linked directly to the post on the Lemmy side, so I’m guessing it’s an issue with how Mastodon handles Lemmy posts. I’m on a different Lemmy instance and I can see the direct link just fine.


With how many Lower Decks gifs I’ve been using, the show should never end

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T’Ana looks so done with everything lol

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