That thing looks dumb as fuck.

LollerCorleone avatar

Yeah, I hate how it looks..

SuiXi3D avatar

A dude down the street (in a duplex, nonetheless) has one. It’s fucking gigantic. Dumb as hell looking.


It’s also heavy as fuck


It looks like something out of Freejack.

Montagge avatar

Most of it is dumb. The push button doors, the motorized tonneau cover, the rearview mirror replaced with a camera on the dash screen, the shift selector being where the rearview mirror should be, ugly ass hubcaps, the stainless steel body panels, the uneven body panels gaps, the sharp corners, the stupid steering wheel, and the last of a spare wheel. All for $100k!


Someone watched Marques Brownlee’s preview video lol

Veraxus avatar

I’d have bought one if Musk hadn’t turned out to be a total chud. Now I don’t want anything to do with him or any company he’s a part of.

To sate my love of absolutely bizarre looking electric vehicles, my money is now on Aptera.


Are they going to fix the counterintuitive brake lights or wait until they cause tons of accidents?

stopthatgirl7 avatar

I feel like this would have been a hard sell even three years ago, but now, with Elon being as polarizing as he is, it’s going to be an even harder sell. I don’t know what demographic that thing is even for, other than hardcore Musk stans.

MayonnaiseArch, avatar

I’m just wondering if you mean “a fucking idiot” when you say polarizing

magnetosphere avatar

I wonder if they might pull it off. Two of the things that people talk about most often, looks and the mismatch between “EV buyers” and “truck buyers”, were already known and ignored by the people who made preorders.

It doesn’t matter if you or I think the Cybertruck is ugly. The people who put down money either disagree or are willing to tolerate it.

The other major factor is cost, and there’s no way to put a positive spin on that. The Cybertruck is more expensive than people were told it would be. Right now, I see that as the biggest problem, at least as far as preorders are concerned.

Heresy_generator, (edited )
Heresy_generator avatar

Those weren't "preoders"; that was another Telsa lie that everyone repeated uncritically. People paid $100 dollars for reservations. That does not represent a firm commitment, nor the wherewithal, to purchase a 6-figure vehicle.

magnetosphere avatar

I’ll admit, I don’t know what the legal definition of “preorder” is. I’m just using the same term used in the article.


and really looking around it seems like most people are in a very different financial situation than they were 4 years.


I dunno, if I wanted to be retarded I could probably get one. So I should be at least close to the target demographic.

And I think the truck looks ridiculous - like something out of a bad sci-fi movie (don't get me wrong, bad sci-fi is great, but I don't want to live in one).

Jaysyn avatar

I'll get a shovel.

Clairvoidance avatar

It's joever


As went the DeLorean

PriceIsWrong, (edited )

Who’s here wants for it to fail and watch musky boy blame someone else?

Dmian, avatar

I sometimes think about that, but then think about the people working for him that doesn’t deserve losing their jobs, and just wish this asshole was just taxed to extinction.

BroBot9000, avatar

This thing is going to be built so shoddily, that it will start falling apart on people after just half a year on actual dirt roads and under loads that a normal truck can shrug off.


Don't kid yourself, these things will never be used as an actual truck. The only use for one is as a status symbol to show the world just how rich and stupid the owner is.

BaroqueInMind avatar

With a starting price of $40k that's not much of a status symbol, more like an indicator of someone who made a poor decision when they could've purchased a Rivian or something else at the price.

Montagge avatar

The single motor starts at $61k


You can't buy the $61k model till 2025 (I doubt you ever will be able to...), the starting price today is ~$80K.

For a truck that is 4 years late and was supposed to cost 40K.

Talk about a bait and switch.

Montagge avatar

Good point, I forgot the single motor isn't going to be released with the double and triple motor


Unless something changes it isn’t going to be huge.


It will be a huge cause of accidents killing children based on what I’ve seen. Field of view seems more limited than on other SUVs and they all suck in that aspect.


If the panels are truly as strong as they claim this pointy truck will cut right trough a family van.


And as well as killing everyone in the family van, it’ll snap every neck inside the tin bucket. With all the lights and right angles, its a struggle to make it look good, but wow, seeing it drive on the road, it just looks like a dusty lump of scrap.

stopthatgirl7 avatar

I really want to see what the safety scores on this thing are. I can’t image they’ll be very good.

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