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Two people sit on a bench next to a fearless squirrel.

Probably my second best film photo of my 'career.'

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Back To Black: Five reasons Amy Winehouse was loved by the LGBTQ+ community


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Q&A: 'Civil War' director Alex Garland on why writing female leads is less boring than writing for men


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Is 2015's The Big Short a masterpiece? To discuss that further, here's Margot Robbie in a bubble bath. Find out what @lordof1 and I thought in https://ribbonofmemes.org.uk/archive/2024/The_Big_Short__2015_.html

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Woody Allen's : The "wonderfully wealthy" businessman as a sociopath


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Olive Thomas (October 20, 1894 – September 10, 1920) was an American silent-film actress, art model, and photo model.

Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olive_Thomas

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'She's so good at this': Stormy Daniels issues Trump burn on eve of hush money trial

#film #stormydaniels


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Guess Which Rapper Is About to Be In A Film With Spike Lee and Denzel Washington


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Je sors de salle. J'ai vu le dernier film de Léa Pool, cinéaste québécoise d'origine suisse. Film émouvant où l'on suit Jean Létourneau, un type sans histoire qui n'a plus le goût de vivre. Sur un coup de tête, il part à l'étranger, dans une ville défigurée par la guerre, au bord de la mer, en Europe.
L'acteur Sébastien Ricard est fabuleux dans ce rôle et le film canalise sa douleur intérieure. Le 7e art exprime rarement l'intériorité d'un personnage avec autant de réalisme et de délicatesse à la fois.
Je n'en dis pas plus.
(C'est très bon.)

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en jaksa kirjoittaa tätä suomeksi auki, mutta postaan mitä laitoin kaverille.

kävin katsomassa Havumetsän lapset

hitto se oli rankempi kokemus kuin ajattelin




i went to see the documentary about elokapina and forest movement in finland, it's in cinemas now.



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WEREWOLVES WITHIN is easily the best movie based on a videogame I’ve seen. Ready for #TheLastDriveIn tonight! #mutantfam #LastFourWatched #LetterboxdFriday #Letterboxd #Filmastodon #Cinemastodon #Movie #Movies #Film #Films

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, April 12, 1961, at 6:07 AM UTC, the Vostok 1 spacecraft launched with cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin aboard, the first human to travel into space (depicted in Gagarin: First in Space, 2013

A cosmonaut touches a blob of water floating in zero gravity.

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Today, April 12, 2001, just after sunset, a black monolith dubbed TMA-1 is discovered near lunar crater Tycho (2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968)

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I just sent my newsletter out in which I discuss the and . I wish I wrote more about but that's just where my focus is right now. I've been losing subscribers in the past six months as I've written more about and calling out antisemitism. https://buttondown.email/DanielleSATM/archive/kentucky-hires-mark-pope-as-mens-basketball-coach/

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“Hey Siri. Play Fascination by The Beaches.”

I only realised a few months into my idolisation of The Beaches band that this song is part of the soundtrack for the film Five Feet Apart. I loved that film. Saw it in the cinema and bought it on iTunes. I rated it 10⭐️

It’s definitely an eyeball wash film 😭


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I wondered why my film RSS newsfeeds had so many posts. CinemaCon is happening. And studios are showing snippets from upcoming film releases to cinema owners.

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Argylle film is now available on AppleTV+. And the VOD purchase sites if you don’t subscribe to AppleTV+.


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Just saw 'Civil War' with @NarrelleMHarris at Cinema Nova.

Christ that was harrowing - depicts the final days of a civil war in the USA, with a military assault on Washington DC at the end. The main part of the film is a road trip by four war journalists from NYC, trying to get to DC before the end.

It didn't entirely work for me as it lacked context; the filmmakers deliberately left the aims and nature of the warring sides vague, I suppose so they could say "It could happen here" without having to spell out the details. Given the 6 Jan events I think we now know it could happen, so IMO the plot could have done with more stakes to care about.

Having said that, it was a dramatic road trip movie with a lot of violence and some good work by the main actors, including Kirsten Dunst. Let's hope it doesn't actually come true.

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