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Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai – Episode 7 – Thinking about the Future


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The Moon Loungers: "Alone Again Naturally"

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Sasayaku You ni Koi o Utau – Episode 6 – The Performance that Gives Himari the Answer She is Looking For


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There was a band I liked when I was a kid. Was devastated when they broke up as it was the first time a living band I followed split

In hindsight they sang about middle class concerns eg war is bad, we don't need money, let's play hacky sack, etc

Anyway they reformed and every 6 years or so do a new album of varying quality

The 2024 album is really solid. BUT I'm listening to their middle age hippy vibe and I'm llke I can't tell if this is deeply philosophical or just anti-vax 😅😅😅

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More attempted #music.
Me covering Robin Trower's Into the Flame on bass, guitar, and vocal.
Wah was employed.
#guitar #coverSong #strat #homeRecording

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A community whose life is not irrigated by art and science, by religion and philosophy, day upon day, is a community that exists half alive.

— Lewis Mumford


via #Mastofeed

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#TheArtisticImpulse #quotes #arts #paintings #music #videos #poetry #poems #Tumblr #blog #blogpost #art #poligraf #artshare 🎨 🎧

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When the lyrics give you an appreciation for a genre outside your usual vibe.
Competing and comparison is a no for me though
My growth is not replicable or copy-friendly
I'm powerful beyond measure
The version of me others created in their mind
Is not my responsibility
I normalize saying no when others want too much from me
I uproot any soul ties of attachment that has held me hostage

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I love San Francisco. I love Oakland. And San Jose. And SLO. And Redwood City. And San Leandro. And ...

I still listen to this song and like it a lot sometimes

I wish the video were just the woman lip syncing the whole time. Very Joelle van Dyne

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Charles Lloyd & Norah Jones: "You Are So Beautiful"

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9pm Saturday: Time to dance!
#dance #dancemusic #club

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from #Scotland
#Music #radio

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"When Beethoven Realized he was going deaf..."
20 minute documentary


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Yesterday was Marek Biliński's birthday.

Taniec w zaczarowanym gaju

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I haven't done for a while... So my rhythm-game pick-up list this time is Re:boot by Powerless.

I pretty like thr harpsichord part, feels like some conflicts in mind...

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A rare beast. An in your face social commentary song. Applies to other countries too. This has a “could be a Eurovision entry” vibe. I like it. Including the disjointed song structure.

Life in America - Roe Kapara


#Music #RoeKapara

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Now playing on LABR: Wednesday Workout 36 Brother Soul! Tune in now at

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1950s/1960s Favourite Record Chart

A generalisation - at the moment, songs from the second half of the 1960s are doing better than songs from the early 1960s and 1950s. Is there a reason for this - do you have a theory?

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🎧 Mood.

When Saturdays meant SOUL TRAIN, dancing in front of the TV!

"Papa Was A Rolling Stones"

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