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Fun little video (not haha fun, more like sad funny) about tech faking AI.

Big Tech Is Faking AI

#ai #artificialintelligence #video #tech #Technology

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Why is it so fun to create APIs? Something about it is so oddly satisfying, the image down below is part of my API documentation and its just pure dopamine to look at xD I could do this kind of stuff forever… #api #rustlang #axum #programming #technology #coding #dev #development

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South African app receives 46,693 potholes reports — 7,842 have been closed

The app is not so much about potholes themselves, but more about how transparency is needed to measure success or failure to provide services to citizens. Too often, reports just disappear into a back-end system and no-one sees the full picture, nor ...continues


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Anyone here have a Framework 13 laptop? I'm considering getting a Ryzen 7 base model and adding my own RAM/HD.

Right now, I have an awesome little Zepheryus g14, but it doesn't have good battery life and it's a fair few years old. I'll keep running it as my home computer but I think I need a backup on hand, as well as something I can travel with.

Be interested in hearing any current owners' thoughts.

#Framework #Repairable #RightToRepair #Laptop #Recommendations #Tech #Technology #Computer #Computers

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AI Tech Bros are VERY UPSET that reviewers are REVIEWING PRODUCTS

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Fujifilm X100 VI vs iPhone 15 Pro Max camera shootout: the most hyped against the most mainstream

LOL the “most mainstream phone camera” in my country is certainly not an iPhone, but OK, you can substitute with any other flagship brand phone.

In case you were wondering about the Fujifilm camera, it is a retro-style digital camera with a 40MP ...continues


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AI-Weekly for Tuesday, April 16, 2024 - Volume 108

The Week's News in Artificial Intelligence
A Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Publication
#ai #news #ainews #artificialintelligence #aiweekly #technology #tech #technews #techtrends #machinelearning #robotics #datascience #airesearch #futuretech

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Someone please make a set with 1970's era functionality for my mom. 🙄​

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One hurdle to driving an electric vehicle is range anxiety. The Indiana Department of Transportation and researchers from Purdue University are jointly addressing the fear of losing power on the road by installing underground copper coils on a stretch of highway. The coils will provide power to e-vehicles driving past. “Wouldn’t it really be something if we could just drive over the road and catch your charge for your vehicle as you drive across it?” INDOT’s Blake Dollier recently told Inside Climate News. Read their article on this test that could eventually put a dent in greenhouse gas emissions. #Science #Technology #ElectricCars #ClimateChange

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The President of Iceland Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson @presidentisl has something in common with our Software Engineer, Geir Gunnarson and it involves the ocean.

Find out what it is and read about why the President and his wife, First Lady Eliza Jean Reid, made a visit to our Iceland office last week. 🌊👇

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StreamController is a brand-new open-source app for enabling and managing the Elgato Stream Deck on Linux

Many of us were using Stream Deck UI, which was a fork from a previous such app which was no longer being maintained. The devs decided to restart the initiative using a different coding language (Python), which would allow them to do a lot more.



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Give us a share and come join the chat! The show is LIVE!

ISPs FINALLY need to disclose all costs to consumers. Windows is adding MORE ads to the Start Menu. Adobe's "ethical" AI isn't THAT ethical. Google says goodbye to One VPN, but gives magic editor to ALL phones.
And it seems NO ONE wants Twitter's blue check these days.

SomeGadgetGuy, avatar

REPLAY CREW! Great chat this morning! Sharing and reviewing on podcast apps ALWAYS appreciated!
ISPs FINALLY need to disclose all costs to consumers. Windows is adding MORE ads to the Start Menu. Adobe's "ethical" AI isn't THAT ethical. Google says goodbye to One VPN, but gives magic editor to ALL phones.
And we should chat about how INSANELY EXPENSIVE AI is...

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🆕 blog! “Hardware I miss from my old Android phones”

I've been using Android since before it was released in the UK. When I was working at Vodafone, I got a pre-release HTC device with an early version of Android on it. I've been pretty much in the Android ecosystem ever since. Recently, I treated myself to an upgrade - a Pixel 8 Pro. The […]

👀 Read more:

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Today I learnt that you can switch between apps on iPhone by swiping left/right on the white bar at the bottom of the screen. :grinning_fb:

I always knew you could swipe up to reveal the app switcher with previews, but not fast-switching with just a swipe :scream_fb:

#Apple #iphone #ios #iphoneTips #technology

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Most workers would likely agree — it’d be nice to have someone else fill in for them once in a while. And, better yet, get paid for it. London-based model Alexsandrah has experienced a real-life version of this daydream with help from her AI-generated virtual twin that has appeared as a stand-in on a photo shoot. Is this the future of modeling? Here’s what proponents and critics are saying in this report from the Associated Press.
#Tech #Technology #AI #ArtificialIntelligence

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I used to post of a lot of snarky tech Hot Takes.

I have found it increasingly difficult to maintain a perpetual state of cynicism and snark.

For the most part, tech is full of people trying to do the right thing most of the time in order to care for their loved ones.

The bad apples — and boy are there some bad ones — are better snarked about people other than me.

TLDR: I’m tired and snark is temporarily fun but ultimately draining to the work at hand.

dataandpolitics, avatar

An (admittedly) snarky corollary is more time someone has to post snark and/or Hot Takes online, the less focused they are on their teams, their products, or everyone that doesn’t involve their day job.

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The security camera company has emailed everyone to say that they are introducing a "Fair usage policy" to their plans because they noticed that a number of accounts are using a lot of .

So, what is considered "fair usage" of a cloud subscription you pay £11/month for?

It's going from an unlimited number of 30 second clips over 30 days, to a limit of 60 clips at 30 second each over 30 days.

Or, you pay an additional £13 per camera per month, on top of the £11.


matt, avatar

Now, I get that is not free and it's certainly not cheap.

However, this is just a problem that they are shoving on to their customers.

The cameras have a local storage option - but you can't tell them to only save to local storage. You have to use the cloud.

There are also no options for how long clips should be kept for. Everything is 30 days unless you decide to manually delete it, one-by-one.

So, of course people are racking up lots of clips online.

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in science fiction movies

Of course you can answer by posting which movie, which role and which actress it is. If you want, you can also write whether you liked the movie and the acting performance. I look forward to your answers :)

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Das 40,00€ teurer gewordene Nachfolgeticket zum 9-Euro-Ticket soll Daten melken. Zwar solle das Ticket übergangsweise nicht nur für Smartphones erhältlich sein sondern auch auf Chip-Karten und kurzzeitig auf Papier mit QR-Code, aber wichtig scheint es den Regierenden vor allem anderen, dass mit dem 49€-Ticket Echtzeit-Verkehrsdaten erhoben werden können.

Positiv klingt zunächst: "Es werde nicht gespeichert, wer von A nach B fährt, sondern nur, wie stark die Verkehrsmittel ausgelastet sind. Für die Fahrgäste könnte das ein Nutzen sein, weil die Verkehrsunternehmen so für ausreichend Kapazitäten sorgen könnten."

Allerdings: Das Ticket wird wohl nur als Abo personalisiert erworben werden können, so dass darüber anfallende Personendaten zukünftig schnell integriert werden könnten. Mit Hinblick auf den aktuellen massiven Ausbau des Überwachungsstaats und der Kontrollgesellschaft in Deutschland und der EU (digitale Personenkennziffer/RegMod, Chatkontrolle, Identifizierungspflicht, Biometrie, eIDAS uvm) ist es doch auch gar nicht die Frage ob, sondern nur wann und mit welchem Vorwand (Anschläge, Pandemie, Jugendschutz, Wahlkampf) personalisierte Datenerfassung und Polizeizugriffe kommen werden, sobald die digitale Kontrollinfrastruktur erst einmal errichtet wurde.

autonomysolidarity, (edited ) avatar

Bundesinnenministerium: Pseudo-Beteiligung beim Digitalen Wallet

"Geht es nach der , sind die Jahre des als Plastikkarte gezählt. An seine Stelle soll eine digitale Brieftasche treten. Wie diese konkret aussehen wird, soll ein Innovationswettbewerb entscheiden. Die Zivilgesellschaft sieht sich dabei außen vor...."

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