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Call for open source database and analysis of LE misconduct (

Data Analysis (Graph = #s, not empty thought bubble to be dismissive and hand wave) and Database of the viol-ated (Violence+Sex) where LE is the convicted perp. US Citizens have been heinously violated by the cops and it seems like no one understands this reality because the data has not been conveyed to the masses. There should...

11-yo called the police and they shot him, and now they're trying to take her other kids away (

After arriving at the Murry family home, police instructed everyone inside to come out with their hands up. Nakala Murry says that’s when Aderrien emerged from around a corner, running toward the door. Capers then opened fire.

Law enforcement keeps making women remove hijabs for mugshots (

When Tamera Hutcherson was arrested on January 8 in Dallas, she says, she was ordered by a woman officer to remove her hijab and lift up her shirt with the instruction: “Lift up your top like it’s Girls Gone Wild.” When she did, her waist beads — worn as part of a deeply-held spiritual belief — were revealed, and the...

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