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LuckyShots is doing customs (starting with solos) if anybody's interested

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Apex Legends hack article updated with statement from Epic Online Services:

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Apex Legends esports tourney is hacked mid-match, postponing the event and raising security concerns

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No juguéis a nada que use a menos que podáis deshabilitarlo y jugar por LAN como hicimos nosotros en .
Easy Anti-Cheat (en declive desde que fue comprado por ) ha sido demostrado como vulnerable a ejecución de código remoto durante el último torneo de , que ha quedado suspendido. Esto implica que se puede instalar sin vuestro consentimiento al estar jugando en una partida "protegida" por Easy Anti-Cheat.

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a las pocas horas se ha lavado las manos con esto diciendo que por el momento no es asunto suyo, y la atención se desvía ahora al motor gráfico de (que se usa en y tuvo fallos de seguridad similares en 2021, ya parcheados) pero se sigue sin dar respuesta a por qué no detecta ni protege contra ejecución de código remoto.
Mientras echan la culpa a otros, el problema sigue sin solución.

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EA CEO talks up aspirations for AI tools and expanding Apex Legends ‘beyond the traditional battle royale universe’

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That was the wildest thing I've ever seen. Like 10+ streamers in a building on comms trying to not die to a couple top-rank cheaters

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What's the most toxic voice line in ? For me it's probably when Crypto kills you and says, "I don't know if you're just bad, or an idiot" 👎

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Apex Legends Season 20 brings big changes to the ever-popular shooter - Apex Legends has managed to stick it out and celebrated its fifth-year anniversary... -

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#Gamenews #Gaming #GLG #ApexLegends

Apex Legends: Breakout - Celebrating Five Action-Packed Years in Style

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Dang, that was a nice Gun Run.

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The discord/igdb/game catalog reconciliation project is live! We added another 660+ games to the catalog (including lots that aren’t on steam). Games like , , , , , and .

This brings the count of games that we recognize up to 6625. If you play it, there's a good chance that we've already got it tagged.

If you wanna track your gameplay on a PC or Mac check us out at

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Who else is alone on Christmas and wanna play some lethal company or some stuff like that ?? :3333

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I was playing earlier this week, in the top 3 solo since my team abandoned. I found this guy who ended up rocking me with a shotty and punch to win the game. GG.

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I wonder if I should be better at this game. @apexlegends

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Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event | December 5 - January 2

players can fight in a 30 v 30 Revenant Uprising LTM as a Legend or a member of Revenant’s army

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