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We played for the first time in a while. Lindsey's Maniacal Elf beat my Guardian Dwarf by a mere three points.

If you haven't played Roll Player, check out our 3 minute video below.

A completed dwarf board with multi colored die and assorted cards

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If you're looking for a dice drafting game that doesn't entirely rely on just luck, check out

I made two videos on it so pick the one that best meets your viewing needs:

BURST version (3 to 4 minutes in length)

Standard version (around 40 minutes)

Tagging @emmahunneyball since you seemed interested in this game a while back

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Hey everyone, need your opinions! I got a for the first time and tried my hand at some cinematic shots as part of my new video on

It'll only take 3 to 4 minutes of your life and I'd really appreciate some feedback on what you think of the new styled shots. Thanks all!

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October plays were super low again because of the move. But hopefully things are settling down and I will get more to the table plus my videos will get posted this weekend and then a set of videos are up after that.

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Played with my 8 - and 11 year old. 11 year-old did wonderful, only losing by 3 points. 8 yo got pretty bored but it was way outside of her age range so I was proud of her sticking it out. My street urchin dragonkin ranger ended up victorious in the end though.

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First solo game of was fun. On the negative side, just rolling a dice to see which card is trashed from market is sort of anticlimactic. Sometimes it's a totally useless card, compared to the others, so you don't even care it was trashed. It'd be awesome if the cards were ranked and certain rolls caused you to trash the best one.

On the positive side, the game is fairly quick and I love the act of triggering the attribute actions to change my dice.

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I don't own the new so spinning their classic "On the Impossible Past" while I try out solo for the first time.

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We played our first game of and I squeaked out a win, 24 to 20. If you like dice drafting, then this is a really fun game. There are enough actions that let you alter the dice so it's not completely luck driven. It's also fun to think of your character leveling up as they might do in an MMORPG.

My character was an eccentric dragonkin monk, who returned home to find it deserted. My ancient spear and longsword helped me as I sat out on adventure.

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I've had my eye on for a while since I've heard it is a great solo

It was on pretty deep discount for Prime day so I picked it up. I will hopefully get a game or two in this weekend.

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