N4JAW, to hamradio
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I need to take the "Big Dog" out more often. It handles the bands so smoothly into an using the 49:1 transformer and easy sending using the American Morse Equipment

End Fed Half Wave Antenna
TennTenna 49 to 1 transformer

N4JAW, to amateurradio
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The are still kind of a drag but a beautiful morning for some action with the BIG DOG into EFHW with the 49:1 transformer & keying done with the American Morse Equipment

Amateur Radio CW Morse Code contact

N4JAW, to amateurradio
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I haven't used Walt's 100 Watt 49:1 transformer in awhile. Going to take out for a ride today to see how it handles this morning's band conditions.

N4JAW, to amateurradio
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Brought along Master Yoda for some power for this morning's activation with my 49:1 transformer and


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