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AMC Theatres' top brass has misgivings about the Dune popcorn bucket

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Did anyone else see this? 👀

TL;DR: #Shudder will be getting an ad- supported tier. If they offer this as a cheaper alternative, ok, but if #AMC+ eventually pushes this on current subscribers unless they pay more a la #Amazon, I'm out.

We already have an ad supported horror channel; it's called #TUBI.

#capitalism #lame #horror @horror

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AMC Exec: We Wouldn't Have Made the Dune Popcorn Bucket if We Knew You'd Be Sickos About It

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'Bro we paid $50 for this?': Customers buy tickets to AMC Theater. They pull up streaming services on the projector

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'Interview with the Vampire' returns with season 2 trailer

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Interview With the Vampire Season 2 Will Unlock Deeply Hidden Memories

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Taylor Swift and Beyonce powered AMC's recovery from a bumpy year

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: "According to subscribers suing, AMC allegedly installed tracking technologies—including the Meta Pixel, the X Tracking Pixel, and Google Tracking Technology—on its website, allowing their personally identifying information to be connected with their viewing history.

Some trackers, like the Meta Pixel, required AMC to choose what kind of activity can be tracked, and subscribers claimed that AMC had willingly opted into sharing video names and URLs with Meta, along with a Facebook ID. "Anyone" could use the Facebook ID, subscribers said, to identify the AMC subscribers "simply by entering [ FID]/" into a browser.

X's ID could similarly be de-anonymized, subscribers alleged, by using

AMC "could easily program its AMC Services websites so that this information is not disclosed" to tech companies, subscribers alleged.

Denying wrongdoing, AMC has defended its use of tracking technologies but is proposing to settle with subscribers to avoid uncertain outcomes from litigation, the proposed settlement said."

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If The Walking Dead Spin-Offs Reunite, Isn't It Just The Walking Dead Again?

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Rick and Michonne's Return to 'The Walking Dead' Is an Epic Love Story

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AMC should reboot the Walking Dead starring lame duck Mike McCarthy

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AMC shares, how to think about water: The week in money and markets

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Calling police to remove disabled black folks from a theater probably doesn’t help the brand or its stock price.

AMC CEO slams 'prophets of doom,' says company is 'blazing new trails' as it enters 2024 | Morningstar

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AMC Theater Tosses Bishop William Barber for Bringing Disability Chair to See "The Color Purple"

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▶ AMC Theater Tosses Bishop William Barber for Bringing Disability Chair to See "The Color Purple"

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it looks like nobody with a half a soul will be attending any more shows at the Greenville, North Carolina AMC Fire Tower 12 movie theater.


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