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Gosling and Blunt on sarcasm, stunts and singing at the Oscars

#oscars #stars

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I finally finished Poor Things and, wouldn't you know, it grew on me. Or maybe it was just Emma Stone's amazing acting that finally reached me. There were some funny moments, some great cinematography (particularly when she and Max were walking down the lane and it showed each with the background leaves and tree kaleidoscope blurry), and even some touching moments.


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Morning Mastodonians!

Well, I'll complain one more time and then you're done hearing about it until the end of July - my knees are killing me, and playing goal this morning was incredibly painful, probably the worst since before my hip replacement. I wasn't sure I could even put on my goalie pads. My non-twisted right knee hurt the most. Wonder if that's because I've been favoring my left knee? Luckily, my team spent most of the time in the other end. I still gave up 6 goals and we lost, 6-4.

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I think I just need to stay off them for a bit. I'm sorry doggos, but this means no long walks in the Fells for a few days. I probably should ice them both. I didn't realize they were doing so poorly, so for the rest of #today, I'll take it easy. If A will let me have the big screen TV, I'll just to get back to my #Oscars movie watching. I really want to see Anatomy of a Fall and American Fiction, although I suppose I should force myself to finish Poor Things. #movies @movies

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John Cena would 'throw himself in harm's way' to protect his gay brother growing up


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Regular reminder that there should be an Oscar for stunts and the John Wick should have one several of them

#Movies #JohnWick4 #Oscars

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Nice essay by @DavidKlion in the Nation about Jonathan Glazer's speech.

"For those of us who appreciate The Zone of Interest in the spirit Glazer in which intended it, and who share his basic perspective on Gaza, what’s additionally striking is how measured his remarks were. Glazer did not demand a free Palestine from the river to the sea, did not comment on whether Zionism is inherently racist, and did not deny the suffering of Israelis on October 7 (in fact, he cast them as victims of the occupation, just as Palestinians are). All he did was attempt to reclaim Jewish identity and Holocaust memory from their propagandistic use in the service of Israel’s military campaign, and to suggest that the lessons of the Holocaust might apply to atrocities committed by Jews and not only those committed against Jews. The ferocious response suggests that Glazer’s critics now recognize themselves in Rudolf and Hedwig Höss, and they’ll never forgive Glazer for that."

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Hundreds of Hollywood Creatives Sign Open Letter Condemning Jonathan Glazer's Oscars Speech


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Hundreds Of Jews In Hollywood Denounce Jonathan Glazer's Oscars Speech In Letter


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I haven't yet seen Barbie, and I'm surprised it was nominated for an Oscar? I thought it was like the movie version of The Kardashians...

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Simu Liu Reveals Doubts On Oscars 'I'm Just Ken' Performance: 'Should I Be Doing This?'

#academyawards #oscars

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Place Your Bets! Which Black Hollywood Star Will Deliver an Oscar-Worthy Performance Next Year?


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Probably the best shot of a sandwich ever taken. Look at that Dutch Tilt, people! Seriously!

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The Official Oscars YouTube Page Did Not Post Jonathan Glazer's Controversial Speech -- For Technical Reasons

#oscars #speech

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🤦🏼‍♀️ 200 formally beloved actors signed a letter calling the #Oscars #antisemitic for the acceptance speech of a #Jewish filmmaker who made a film about the #Holocaust. We are living in the upside down where antisemitic now is used as “please don’t talk to me about reality.”

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