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An Israeli airstrike killed at least 35 people on Sunday and hit tents for displaced people in the southern city of Rafah, Palestinian health workers say. The report came hours after Hamas fired a barrage of rockets that set off air raid sirens in Tel Aviv. AP reports:

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At least 35 dead from Israeli strikes on Gaza after Hamas launches rockets at Tel Aviv

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IIsrael Divestment = Hamas Investment

"‘No rest till Brown divests’: Anti-Israel protesters interrupt university graduation"

"College president's speech briefly disrupted by alumni-led protest calling for it to divest from firms contributing to Israel's war against Hamas"

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Sky News Arabia: spokesman in to Sky News Arabia: The number of dead and wounded in may exceed 100 people

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Yinon Magal, one of Israel's prominent journalists, celebrates the burning of Palestinians alive in an UNRWA displacement camp in .

According to Tv. ratings, more than 250,000 Israelis tune in to watch Magal's show every night.

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Gaza medics say Israeli strike kills 22 in Rafah as IDF investigates after it says 'Hamas compound' hit

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Khalissee on X:
"BREAKING: This is an UNRWA warehouse in Rafah bombed in Gaza. Children have been burnt alive. This is Israeli Terrorism.


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A horrific attack on the “safe zone” in Rafah this evening. Many people burned in their tents.

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The Israeli army justifies the bombing and burning of the displaced in an UNRWA displacement camp in , claiming that it is “a compound”.

The displaced camp, which was designated as a safe area to which thousands of civilians were pushed, was targeted with 8 bombs, killing at least 35, most of whom are women and children.

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Israel kills dozens of Palestinians sheltering at a displacement camp in Rafah - YouTube

Horrific! Targeting a tent camp full of displaced people, in an area that Israel said was "safe". And Israel calls this justified and legal. And even worse, the US continues to support Israel.


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Israel’s war on Gaza live news: ‘More than 30’ killed in Rafah strike | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera

  • ‘They burned people alive’
  • Israeli military says it acted according to international law in attacks on Rafah displaced
  • Israel committing genocide in Gaza: Human Rights Watch founder
  • Rafah attack death toll climbs to 35
  • Gaza office: Israel targeting displaced shelters with 2,000-pound bombs


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Horrific footage is unfolding of the Israeli massacre of displaced Palestinians, with 8 missiles targeting the displacement camp at a site in , despite Israel claiming it is "safe."

Civil Defense to Al Jazeera: We believe that the occupation army used internationally prohibited weapons to target the displaced in Rafah, judging by the size of the fires that erupted at the targeted site.

Video available on telegram:

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Deadly clashes between Palestinian resistance and Israeli occupation forces are reported in eastern and central with 100sof thousands of innocent civilians stock in between.

is bombing Rafah from sea, air and ground while Palestinians fighting against heavily armed Israeli forces with riffles and RPGs.

People in Rafah haven't received any food since Israel took over Rafah crossing. All the water pipes except one have been cut off and almost half a million people living on 1/8th of what is the minimum amount needed for humans to survive.

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bombed a displaced persons camp after designating it a humanitarian area in . Reports of dozens of civilians killed.

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It is completely normal politics in today to be openly rejoicing the burning of and its people.

Dozens of civilians are dead in the videos. We can see it all. Charred bodies of men and women, headless babies. The screams of Palestinians being burned alive. Israelis are watching these videos and celebrating.

They’re all available on Twitter. I won’t share them.

Tweet by @NaksBilal Israelis are celebrating the massacre in Rafah tonight on Telegram. Emojis of glee "the main lighting this year, in Rafah!" — demons.

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Communication to the ICC Procecutor against Ursula v.d. Leyen for complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza

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Horrific scenes from the heinous massacre carried out by the IOF, targeting the tents of the displaced north of the city in a "safe" area.

At least 27 martyrs have ascended, dozens are wounded, and rescue operations continue to this moment.

Videos available on telegram:

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Auto translated from Arabic: 🚨 Emergency Committee in the Rafah Governorate:

Dozens of martyrs and wounded in a massacre committed by the occupation targeting displaced people's tents in northwest Rafah despite claiming they were safe.

This evening, Sunday, the "israeli" occupation committed a massacre by bombing the tents of displaced persons in northwest Rafah (Tal al-Sultan), resulting in dozens of martyrs and wounded, and causing fires in the tents.

The Emergency Committee confirms that the "israeli" bombing targeted the tents of displaced persons in areas the occupation claimed were safe and had urged residents to move to.

The massacre committed negates all the occupation's claims of safe areas in Rafah.

Committing the massacre against displaced civilians reflects the "israeli" insistence on continuing the killing and destruction in Rafah, ignoring all international demands and decisions to stop the military operation and avoid harming civilians.

The failure of the international community, led by the United States, to take any deterrent measures against the occupation and to ignore implementing the decisions of the International Court of Justice, serves as a green light for the occupation to continue its killing and destruction in Rafah, which is the last refuge for hundreds of thousands of displaced persons.

We renew our call to the international community and active UN institutions to work seriously and effectively to force the occupation to comply with the decisions of the International Court of Justice and not to suffice with statements and recording positions. Otherwise, every delay will result in more victims.

Emergency Committee
May 26, 2024

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War on Gaza exposes Germany's feminist foreign policy as a sham
Dorthe Engelcke, 2024

"Under the logic of colonial feminism, advancements for women can be achieved only if local culture is abandoned. Calls for women’s rights reforms by colonists were thus understood as attacks on local culture, and as an instrument of colonial rule."

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Israel’s war on Gaza live news: Hamas armed wing fires rockets on Tel Aviv | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera

  • WATCH: Why is the West divided over Palestinian statehood?
  • Spanish minister slams ‘scandalous’ Israeli flamenco video
  • Patients in Gaza hospitals at risk amid shortage of fuel
  • Video shows massive destruction after Israeli strike on Jabalia


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Hamas launches rocket attack on Tel Aviv for first time in months | Israel-Gaza war | The Guardian


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▶ Israeli historian Ilan Pappe on "the collapse of the Zionist project"

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Today's daily blog from TRT World

In the list:

  • Hamas' military wing fires rocket on Tel Aviv
  • Palestinian death toll from Israeli assault in Gaza nears 36,000
  • Qassam Brigades releases video of hostages killed in Israeli air strikes
  • Illegal Israeli settlers attack Palestinian village in northern West Bank

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