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Israel’s war on Gaza live: Battles in Jabalia and Rafah as Israel advances | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera

  • Thick smoke over Jabalia refugee camp as Palestinian fighters battle Israeli forces
  • Number of child deaths as starvation grips Gaza likely ‘tip of the iceberg’: Analyst
  • UN aid chief says ‘world has lost its way’ as people in Gaza suffer


Miro_Collas, to Palestine
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Victorian premier accuses pro-Palestine protesters of bringing ‘violence, homophobia and antisemitism’ to Labor conference | Victoria | The Guardian

IF this is true, then yes, these things are wrong and hurt the Palestinian cause.


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Miro_Collas, to Palestine
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Displaced people targeted: At least six killed in Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza - YouTube


Miro_Collas, to Palestine
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Air strike in the occupied West Bank: Israeli army kill a man in Jenin refugee camp - YouTube


Miro_Collas, to Palestine
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Lives on hold as Israel continues war on Gaza | Al Jazeera Newsfeed - YouTube


br00t4c, to Leipzig
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Leipzig University management uses police and right-wing groups to suppress pro-Palestinian protests


Miro_Collas, to Palestine
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Why is Israel cocky at the UN but coy at the ICJ?: Marwan Bishara - YouTube

#Palestine #Gaza #Israel #UN #ICJ

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What the Movement for Palestine Can Learn from the Rutgers Encampment Deal

#gaza #palestine


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UC Workers Are Poised to Strike for Palestine and for Free Speech

#palestine #union


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br00t4c, to Palestine
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"Resist the Normalization of Evil": Israeli Reporter Amira Hass on Palestine & the Role of Journalism


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PariaSansPortefeuille, to Israel French
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« 📣 #Israël se défend des accusations de #génocide et rejette l’ordonnance de nouvelles mesures conservatoires par la #CIJ_ICJ. 🇿🇦⚖️🇮🇱

Comme promis, je vous résume brièvement les plaidoiries israéliennes d’aujourd’hui. 🇮🇱👇»

🧵 par #JohannSoufi, juriste

#Gaza #GénocideÀGaza #GazaGénocide #CIJ #CourInternationaleDeJustice #Palestine #Palestiniens #tpo #AfriqueDuSudCIsraël #ConventionSurLeGénocide @palestine

faab64, to politics

Israeli terrorists attacked aid trucks going to #Gaza and set at least one on fire.

#Terrorism #FoodAsWeapon #Inhumanity #Politics #palestine #Israel #Occupation #Apartheid #Politics @palestine @israel

mondoweiss, to Palestine
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When President Joe Biden gives the commencement speech at Morehouse College this weekend, it might be a short one. Administrators at the historically black college have warned the event will be stopped if there are protests over Gaza.


@palestine @israel

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Streaming now from Goldsmith, Dana Erekat (CEO of whyze) & Eyal Weizman (Forensic Architecture) open a symposium on the role of architecture and planning in colonialism (focused on Palestine, but it's a broader discussion architects refuse to have)


#architecture #colonialism #israel #palestine

raph, to Israel
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Reminder: 80% of Israeli Jews think, even after 6 months of war, that Israel should consider the suffering of the civilian population in Gaza TO A FAIRLY SMALL EXTENT OR NOT AT ALL

#Israel #Palestine #Gaza

PBruce, to uk
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#Uspoli #Cdnpoli #UK #Gaza #Palestine #Apartheid #WarCrimes #Genocide ##BDS #UN #Ceasefire #Israel #Siege #BidensBombs #TerroristState #ICJ #UNRWA #Iran #Protests

Arab League Demands UN Peacekeepers In Palestinian Regions.

Israel’s banker and master the U.S. Responds No,

that might force peace

and stop the unfettered carnage

the US and israel are happily unleashing daily


br00t4c, to Palestine
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▶ "Resist the Normalization of Evil": Israeli Reporter Amira Hass on Palestine and Journalism


NotImpressed, to Palestine
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"The sanctions, which are the first to specifically target extremist Israeli settlers, impose a prohibition on dealings related to the listed individuals and render them inadmissible to Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The four individuals named in the sanctions are David Chai Chasdai, Yinon Levi, Zvi Bar Yosef and Moshe Sharvit."


NotImpressed, to Palestine
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#ICC @palestine

"Along with international organisations and groups, last week, a group of UN experts also expressed “utter dismay” over statements made by US and Israeli officials “threatening to retaliate” against the ICC, saying such threats promote a “culture of impunity”."


mkpetkova, to Palestine
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Israeli historian Ilan Pappe was questioned for 2 hrs by FBI at Detroit airport


galad, to random
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@DropBear @serge There is so much wrong with your post that it would take forever to properly unpack... Primarily you are tokenizing Jews via one of the most fringe sects out there. Secondly, you fundamentally do not understand what Zionism is.

@DropBear@theblower.au avatar

Until your post popped up in my feed, I'd never heard of Babka @serge
You're evidently confused.

You're evidently also confused about what constitutes antisemitism. If you're trying to use the IHRA Definition, that's understandable:
"...the IHRA Definition is unclear in key respects and widely open to different interpretations, it has caused confusion and generated controversy, hence weakening the fight against antisemitism."

The Jerusalem Declaration:
is much clearer.

Pay particular attention to heading C. "Israel and Palestine: examples that, on the face of it, are not antisemitic"


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