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If there is no deal to rescue then there will be no .

will not stop pounding now as the sympathy in the and around the world try to extract demands using hostage and martyr.

I can't blame Israel for it's actions now. The legacy media world has taken the side of . has nothing to lose and no one will stop them.

Certainly not the nations LoL. The world abandoned .

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This is what happened in Palestine while we were sleeping last night. Palestinians were supposed to be in a "safe zone" when they were attacked and bombed. How can you justify voting for a 2 party system that believes genocide is the answer? I don't want your shitty, pathetic, pro-genocide answers. No! I just want you to reflect on the images in this video, because there are worse ones I could've shared. But I've chosen to spare you, unlike Isreal not sparing Palestinians...


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🛑 "Cibler systématiquement les hôpitaux"

Bisan a publié cette vidéo sur son compte Instagram le 24 Mai.
Elle fait le point sur l'état des structures de soins dans le nord de Gaza après les attaques de l'armée de tsahal dans différents hôpitaux les jours précédents.

Le gouvernement d'extrême droite israélien comme à son habitude méprise le droit international.

Vidéo Bisan, sous-titres Carnets Palestiniens


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⚠️ Massacre à Rafah ⚠️

Hier soir Israël a tiré au moins 8 missiles sur le camp de déplacés à l’ouest de Rafah.

2 jours après la décision de la Cour Internationale de Justice qui somme Israël de cesser toute attaque à Rafah !

Beaucoup de vidéos très dures circulent, faites attention à vous.

📹 Caravanes Solidaires


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This image has now made the rounds. My conclusion made from comments seen on social medias around the world is that quite the many people are in fact on board with burning books.

”Terrorist books” is what makes the difference, apparently.

Oh, how quickly does the thin veil of civilisation erode. And was it really there to begin with?

People playing civilised, being brutes. This is the true story of modernity.

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At this point, Biden is either:

  1. Unwillfully ignorant of the wanton slaughter of civilians in Gaza
  2. Willfully ignorant of the wanton slaughter of civilians in Gaza
  3. Complicit in the wanton slaughter of civilians in Gaza

Any one of these being true means that he is not fit to be President of the United States.

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Israeli Strike Kills 35 People in Alleged Rafah ‘Safe Zone’

Footage of Rafah’s Tal al-Sultan neighborhood on Sunday showed the destroyed tents of Palestinian refugees burning in the night

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hey, if you're late to work because you woke up & sobbed for 15 minutes over a genocide that's happening halfway across the world from you, i don't think that's any of your fascist overlord's goddamned business.

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Considering the fact that most (if not all) Jews are white, Zionism as a Jewish Supremacy is just another form of #WhiteSupremacy - just with a nicer name

It should be challenged as such and never be accepted as legitimate.

@palestine #FreePalestine

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To all the bad opinions regarding aid trucks from people who have never driven a truck:

Go to and drive a truck through a zone, then report back.

The problem is finding willing to risk their lives as the trucks are attacked by mobs of civilians standing around in a live fire war zone.


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The governing body of one of the 's largest voted overwhelmingly Thursday against president Bill Flanagan's leadership after his handling of a pro earlier this month.

The vote of in Flanagan by the council passed 56–7, with seven abstentions.

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Kelly Anne Conway coined the term, Alt-facts.

The Gaza Keffiyeh Cosplayers have coined a Bizarro World of Alt-defintion of words dictionary.

For example; Selfimmolation: politospeek.

We must dig up the Pyramids because the Ancient Pharoahs were colonizers & slave oppressors. Divest The Sphinx!

nus, avatar

troll @FrankFrank put out such a disingenuous post that it requires a thorough , with pit stops to compare his rhetoric to leaders along the way.

Biggest and most obvious: "Keeping citizens separate from terrorists... becomes apartheid"

So to Frank:

This is George W Bush style ethnonationalism.

@nicholas_saunders @liveposting

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"Borders become Concentration Camp walls."

It's amazing how little know, or care, about the treatment of -- by , yes, but also many other groups.

Jews have been forced into ghettos for centuries.

Ghettoization is not simply "borders", it is also a form of bigotry, supremacism, and evil.

@FrankFrank @nicholas_saunders @liveposting @israel @palestine

A photo of a Jewish ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland

nus, avatar

"Borders become Concentration Camp walls."

It's amazing how little know, or care, about the treatment of -- by , yes, but also many other groups.

Jews have been forced into ghettos for centuries.

Ghettoization is not simply "borders", it is also a form of bigotry, supremacism, and evil.

@FrankFrank @nicholas_saunders @liveposting @israel @palestine

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Today, the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign Choir uplifted Tesco Leith with powerful melodies, urging shoppers to boycott Israeli products and stand in solidarity with Palestine.
#Gaza #WarCrimes #FreePalestine #IsraelApartheid #StopGenocideNow #CeaseFireNow #CeaseFireNowPermanently
#EndTheArmsTrade #BoycottBoeing #BoeingKills

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I stumbled upon a nice person painting a lovely umbrella with the 🇵🇸 flag colors while strolling around Park, in ❤️


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If I wanted to avoid escalation by militant Islam in the , I wouldn’t start by making a quarter million able-bodied men homeless & motherless with nothing to lose.

gimulnautti, avatar

Effing coward: Lies, blocks & deletes post where my non-jewishness clearly becomes an issue about holding an opinion about the topic of or the history of Israel.

and free effing Israel from the likes of people like this!

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