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Californian with a wide variety of interests, but since 2016, seeking justice, democratic norms, improving public: education & health, access to the arts, inclusivity, ethics in government, finance & business, human rights, IMG, ENVIR & worker protections, accountability for the oligarch criminality in the US & helping America turn blue.

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A brave journalist's voice cries out for :

The miracle of modern medicine has allowed me to launch this newsletter. The American experiment in self-gov. may not have much time left. Voters face a pres. choice -could determine our democratic system.

Biden governs in service of the entire country -works with pol adversaries & allies to seek consensus.

TFG embraces & vows to pardon “hostages”-openly defies a judicial system -seeks to hold him accountable-.

KimPerales, to Ukraine
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"SCHOLASTICIDE', describes what's occurring in Gaza, #Ukraine...

UN experts today expressed grave concern over -attacks on schools, universities, teachers, & students in the Gaza Strip, raising serious alarm over the systemic destruction of: PA EDU system.

“With >80% of schools in Gaza damaged or destroyed -reasonable to ask if there's an intentional effort to comprehensively destroy: PA EDU system -‘scholasticide' systemic obliteration-."

#IsraelHamasWar #WarCrimes

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The SC wields immense power with little transparency:

The SC will finalize decisions in dozens of pending matters, incl. these SM cases plus high-stakes cases about abortion, guns, limits of pres. immunity, & how the fed regulatory apparatus itself functions. In doing so, the justices will have a chance to review hundreds of amicus briefs.

Like the$ spent on elections, the$ spent on the deluge of amicus briefs each term is incredibly difficult to track-.


KimPerales, to Ukraine
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Russia has been at war with the West for some time, as evidenced by Russians attempting to bomb supplies to :

"Germany just arrested 2 Russian operatives in suspected bombing plan on German soil.

Goal: disrupt supplies to .

Targets for reconnaissance included 🇺🇸 US bases.

Meanwhile, some in US Congress are trying to deliver wins for Russia."
-J Scott-Railton


KimPerales, to strongman
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Strongmen like , Netanyahu, Putin... pose existential threats:

The most amazing thing about TFG’s current criminal trial is that it's happening at all -if he becomes pres. -such a trial could never be possible again *absolute immunity for him/cronies -as he'll argue before the SC. No person aligned with him will ever be prosecuted again -like in HU, RU, IR... -run by *not strong -use violence & the rhetoric of violence to mask their own fear & weakness-. https://hartmannreport.com/p/putin-trump-iran-and-netanyahu-unveil-d66

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Rs are fine when R MOC, , & other Rs, incite violence, but when it reaches them, all of a sudden they're worried about their families. They're craven .

Gallagher: “This is more just me wanting to prioritize being with my family ... I signed up for the death threats & the late-night swatting, but they did not. & for a young family, I'd say this job is really hard.”

“After conversations with my family, I've made the decision to resign my position."

KimPerales, to Ukraine
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Has broken his pledge to ? If so, will likely receive the aid package that they desperately need:

"I was struck by this quote from ⁦Speaker Johnson⁩ yesterday. Until yesterday, he had yet to make a case for Ukraine aid. And then he unfurled this."
-J Sherman

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Rs don't govern, they waste time/💰investigating innocent ppl for pol points, that no longer work:

At no point in recent months have GOP lawmakers in either chamber treated this process with even a hint of seriousness -entire impeachment ordeal was a cheap stunt, & Sen. Rs all but admitted that they wanted a trial as part of an election-season public-relations gambit. They weren't serious about border policy -quick to kill the bipartisan plan they requested-.


KimPerales, to ai
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has a lot of problems, but the energy the technology needs should be a reason that it must be curtailed now:

AI Computing Is on Pace to Consume More Energy Than India, Arm Says.

AI’s voracious need for computing power is threatening to overwhelm energy sources, requiring the IDU to change its approach to the tech.

By 2030, the world’s data centers are on course to use more electricity than India, the world’s most populous country-.


KimPerales, to Ukraine
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Late, but welcome for , if Pres Biden & TSY Sec Yellen can convince allies:

The Biden admin is making a new push this week to rally reluctant allies behind the idea that billions in immobilized Russian assets should be tapped to support Ukraine.

TSY Sec Yellen will spend the coming days laying the groundwork as fellow FIN MINs gather in DC for the IMF-World Bank spring meetings. It’s expected to be an agenda item at Wed afternoon’s meeting of G7 FIN leaders-.

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Lying fascists are able to exert their power in states that suppress the vote. LA is among the worst states for POLUT, health...

LA Gov Landry (touted transparency & to overhaul LA's criminal justice system this year), on Wed backed an effort to gut the state's transparency laws by barring any docs involved in planning govt decisions from public view -apply to emails, messages & any other records produced by officials in the course of making govt decisions.

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Why is he waiting?

A special ST Dept panel told SOS Blinken -the US should restrict arms sales to Israeli military units that've been credibly accused of HR abuses. He hasn't taken any action. The incidents under review mostly took place in the West Bank & occurred before #Oct7, incl. reports of extrajudicial killings by the Israeli Border Police; an incident in which a battalion gagged, handcuffed & left an elderly PA American man for dead...
#IsraelHamaWar #WarCrimes https://www.propublica.org/article/israel-gaza-blinken-leahy-sanctions-human-rights-violations?taid=662030f9d453a400011f6bcc&utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter

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@GreenFire Something seems off, though, these human rights abuses are serious, & there are many more. The admin. should be transparent. If there's a reason why they haven't addressed these probable war crimes, they should inform the public.

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“The PPP helped ppl remain employed while the govt literally shut down much of the economy -only an intellectual clown would compare that to what Biden is doing now w student loans.” -Rep Norman. *Rec. $616K in PPP. America’s economy is structured to benefit corps & wealthy -patrons of the R pol estab. -at the expense of average Americans.

Student loan burden has become an economic disaster. Total outstanding student loans for higher EDU: ~$1.8T.


KimPerales, to climate
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Positive news:

>99.7% of electricity in Albania, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Iceland, Nepal, Paraguay & the Democratic Republic of Congo comes from geothermal, hydro, solar or wind power.

Norway came close with 98.38% of its energy from wind, water or solar. Another 40 countries got at least half of their electricity from renewables in 2021 & 2022.

Solar could overtake other renewables. Technology has improved & costs are rapidly dropping.


KimPerales, to Ukraine
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There's a reason to be hopeful for the aid package, but only if includes Gaza aid in the bill:

Rep Mikie Sherrill tells me Dems will only support Mike Johnson's bill if it includes Gaza humanitarian aid.

But she also says that if Dem concerns are met, many Ds will back it. Given her influence, that's a sign Ukraine aid may really happen:


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@anderspuck It's likely the only way that Dems will the funding for the Gaza aid.

KimPerales, (edited ) to TeslaMotors
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Musk gets eviscerated over Tesla, his governance, X posts...

Musk pay package vote is the real test of Tesla as a meme stock, says Elevation Partners' McNamee. Watch:

#Musk #Tesla #Autonomous
https://cnb.cx/4d3PsJSMusk pay package vote is the real test of Tesla as a meme stock, says Elevation Partners' McNamee https://cnb.cx/4d3PsJS

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#TFG flopped:

The stop at the bodega -meant to draw a contrast b/w how DA Bragg handled a killing that occurred at the store -charges were eventually dropped agst a clerk *was acting in self-defense -& Trump’s situation.

You see what he's arguing -coming after me when there’s real crime out there. Trump: offered a bifurcated view of LE. Local police: lionized, fed LE: suspect/corrupt, a position intertwined with long-standing investigations into him at the fed level. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2024/04/17/trump-new-york-crime/

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#TFG/enablers instigated #TheBigLie & now Republican election deniers are corrupting the election system:

CO officials warn of new frontier in election denial as more Rs refuse to certify vote totals. Canvass board members in handful of counties have opted not to sign off on election tallies over concerns.

Last fall, after CO’s general election, Rs members in those counties -along with Larimer & La Plata, likewise declined to sign off on the canvass.


KimPerales, (edited ) to random
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Biden's revised debt relief aid pkg:

Biden wants the program to survive legal challenges this time. The DOE has made the relief more targeted & turned to the regulatory process. The president initially attempted to forgive student debt thru an EO.

Outstanding fed EDU debt in the US stands at ~$1.6T, & burdens Americans >credit card/auto debt. >40M ppl hold student loans. Revised plan: targets specific groups of ppl, & the interest on the loans-.


KimPerales, (edited ) to TeslaMotors
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The NLRB’s complaint agst SpaceX is based on a law *illegal for cos. to fire or otherwise retaliate agst workers who join together to improve work conds. 8 employees' letter: SpaceX: spell out its anti-harassment policies & enforce them more effectively.

If their lawsuit succeeds in getting the fed courts to declare: NLRB unconst. -could set a dangerous precedent-.


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Name & shame America's oligarch traitors who place protecting their wealth over American🇺🇸interests & Americans' well being:

On Mon, the Trump 47 committee filed its first report with the FEC. The filing revealed 20 people have donated $800,000+. 9:

Joe & Marlene Ricketts: $1.6M

Robert Bigelow: $824,600

Roger Norman: $824,600

Woody & Suzanne Johnson: $1,612,600

Geoffrey Palmer: $814,600

Steve Wynn: $806,300

Jose "Pepe" Fanjul: $814,600


KimPerales, to climate
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The danger is of a major “Minsky Moment”🚨-sudden & catastrophic plunge in asset values following a period of growth & stability. Minsky understood that market optimism with inadequate reg. could push key assets like FFs into a bubble of unjustified valuations. When-corrected, investors would be stranded with insufficient returns.

Global FIN sector: will eventually face it -as underlying assets from all sectors face physical risks from impacts & transition risk.

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& many GOP MOC have been normalizing & enabling Putin & Russia even though RU's been attacking the US in nefarious ways:

"You may not think you are at war with Russia, but Russia is behaving as if it were at war with you."
-A Applebaum

"Mandiant report shows that GRU-linked hackers may have messed with control systems at water utilities in the US & Poland (17-18 Jan), and credibly claimed (2 Mar) to have interfered with a dam in France."
-S Joshi

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RU’s Foreign MIN: drawing up plans to try to weaken its Western adversaries & leverage the war to forge a global order free from what it sees as American dominance. Confirms: HYBRID WAR agst. the W. RU is seeking to subvert W support for UA & disrupt the dom. politics of the US/Eur. Cs, thru propaganda campaigns supporting isolationist & extremist policies +seeking to refashion geopol, drawing closer to CN/IR/NK -to shift the current bal. of power.


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