janriemer, to climate

Global Tipping Points


"The Global Tipping Points Report was launched at COP28 on 6 December 2023. The report is an authoritative assessment of the risks and opportunities of both negative and positive tipping points in the Earth system and society."

gwagner, to climate
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Frightening news on PM2.5 pollution https://grist.org/health/climate-change-is-undoing-decades-of-progress-on-air-quality/

Yes change kills, by some estimates as many as 4 million people so far. Not in some major Day After Tomorrow catastrophe, but just via regular ol' air pollution.

KeithDJohnson, to Futurology
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"The water cycle that shuttles Earth’s most vital resource around in an unending, life-giving loop is in trouble. Climate change has disrupted that cycle’s delicate balance, upsetting how water circulates between the ground, oceans and atmosphere.

The events of 2023 show how significant these disruptions have become. From extreme precipitation and flooding to drought and contaminated water supplies, almost every part of the U.S. faced some consequence of climate change and the shifting availability of water.

The water cycle controls every aspect of Earth’s climate system, which means that as the climate changes, so too does nearly every step of water’s movement on the planet. In some places, the availability of is becoming increasingly scarce, while in others, change is intensifying rainfall, & other extreme weather events.

As the planet continues to warm, this cycle is expected to be increasingly stretched, warped & broken."


Snoro, to Ottawa
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Canada is winter. With our warming climate, I feel like I'm losing a part of me

Ottawa allows me to experience the magic of the season — except this year, there hasn’t been much


Snoro, to india
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‘Healthy Humans Without a Healthy Planet Is a Logical Fallacy’: Interview With Dr. Sakib Burza

Brought up watching nature’s grandeur in Indian Kashmir, Dr. Sakib Burza’s early inspiration in medicine began at home before he went on to work with Indigenous and local communities in tropical forest regions


Snoro, to uk
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Why Planting Forests alone is no Panacea for the Climate Crisis


costrike, to journalism
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This is required reading from @amywestervelt on the importance of properly functioning #media for the #climate.

sco7sbhoy, to climate
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“The is the result of greed — of the biggest industrial corporations amassing wealth through destructive ways that continue to hurt the planet and the people living in it. For centuries, drilling fossil fuels have been framed as essential to economic growth, wealth abundance, and prosperity — but this prosperity is only felt by the richest 1%. For the rest of us, everyday is a test for survival.”

maz, to climate
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Earth just experienced its hottest 12 months in recorded history. This is unprecedented for humans and will have an impact on everything.. Are we ready?


gwagner, to nyc
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Saturday afternoon. Congestion pricing can't come soon enough.
#NYC #cycling #climate

Saturday afternoon traffic

BenjaminHCCarr, to climate
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Revealed: the 1,200 big leaks from waste dumps trashing the planet
The huge leaks of the potent greenhouse gas will doom targets, experts say, but stemming them would rapidly reduce https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/feb/12/revealed-the-1200-big-methane-leaks-from-waste-dumps-trashing-the-planet

climatebrad, to climate
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The madness of fossil fuels is broiling Japan.

to3k, to technology
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Researchers at the of adapted an internal to run on
is really a powerhouse on the subject of hydrogen 😉 Not everyone understands that not only make sense, but also conventional engines that actually burn hydrogen can be a solution to many problems. In addition, hydrogen is independent, because it can be produced (almost) everywhere.

br00t4c, to climate
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Watch: Zanagee Artis looks to bring young POC's to the forefront of climate change awareness in 'Faces of Change'


gwagner, to climate
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Thank you, @kathhayhoe for letting me guest-edit your newsletter today to talk coffee, climate & electrification.


Not-so-good news
What you can do

GreenFire, to TeslaMotors
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Is this the Toyota Corolla killer?

“The new BYD Qin Plus EV is the car that makes EVs way cheaper than ICE vehicles and blows open the mainstream market,”

How much? $15,000!

” BYD launched a $15,000 EV in a direct attack on legacy auto makers.

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Joe Biden, as usual, made the right call by pausing permitting for new LNG export terminals.

Japan's gas generation was 16% lower in first 11 months of 2023 compared with same period of 2020, falling to 262 billion kWh from 314 billion.

Snoro, to conservative
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Snoro, to usa
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Snoro, to usa
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Snoro, to Rotterdam
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Rotterdam's Bold Leap Towards Climate Neutrality: A Deep Dive into Decarbonizing Heating and Cooling Networks

Discover how Rotterdam and Leuven are transforming their heating and cooling systems to sustainable sources, paving the way for a climate-neutral future in urban environments


br00t4c, to climate
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chantal, to climate
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Another reason to silence climate change deniers and wind energy facists


AlisonCreekside, to climate
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I love this so much.
Palestinian artist Amir Nizar Zuabi, of the 13foot Little Amal puppet journey across continents symbolizing the refugee experience, is going to do the same with "The Herds"- hundreds of lifesize climate refugee animal puppets walking thru major cities on a trek from W. Africa to Norway to raise awareness where people live.

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